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Fav. Anime's 6-25

6. One Piece

7. Nana

8. Death Note

9. Baccano

10. Major 4th Season

11. Samurai X: Trust And Betrayal

12. Hellsing OVA

13. Spice And Wolf

14. Beck

15. Samurai 7

16. Fullmetal Alchemist

17. Mushishi

18. Kaiji

19. Scrapped Princess

20. Elfen Lied

21. Ookiku Furikabutte

22. Utawarerumono

23. Clannad

24. Nodame Cantable

25. Gankutsuo: The Count of Monte Cristo

Top 5 Anime Movies/OVA's (non-series based)

1. Sword of a Stranger

2. Comedy

3. Karas

4. Princess Mononoke

5. Gekijouban Kara No Kyoukai: Dai San Shou - Tsuukaku Zanryuu

Top 5 Manga (so far...)

1. Hajime no Ippo

2. Vagabond

3. Slam Dunk

4. Fulmetal Alchemist

5. Koukou Debut

Favorite Male Characters

1. Takezo Shinmen (Vagabond)

2. Takeshi Sendo (Hajime no Ippo)

3. Rock Lee (Naruto)

4. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

5. Light Yagami (Death Note)

6. Kei Kurono (Gantz)

7. Souskue Sagara (Full Metal Panic)

8. Duke Togo (Golgo 13)

9. Cobra (Space Adventure Cobra)

10. Grahm Spectar (Baccano) and Naru (Ghost Hunt)

Favorite Female Characters

1. Yohko - Empress of Kei (Twelve Kingdoms)

2. Yourichi Shihoin (Bleach)

3. Real Mayor (Ergo Proxy)

4. Lucy (Elfen Lied)

5. Balalaika (Black Lagoon)

6. Horo (Spice and Wolf)

7. Nana Osaki (NANA)

8. C.C. (Code Geass)

9. Yayoi Inuzaka (Kurenai)

10. Haruna Nagashima (Koukou Debut) and Ryougi Shiki (Gekijouban Kara no Kyoukai)

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VivisQueen Sep 23, 2008


Otaku108 May 29, 2008

I wanted to warn you before, if at all possible, you started reading Mx0. I only just heard about it today but apparently they've discontinued production of the manga completely at chapter 99. It ends completely without warning and at a rather unfinished stage of the whole story. There is no information about it starting up again and it's an extreme let down for my friend and I which were enjoying it.

I hope you didn't start it already without knowing the harsh reality that awaits you once you get to the end. This sort of thing happens a lot in the manga/anime world... one of the few bad things I've noticed with Japanese culture, they have very little sence of duty to a story. Sorry if you've already gotten sucked into it... -.-,

chamomille May 28, 2008

and how do you like amatsuki? I have dled 5 episodes..I want to watch it, but I know that if I started, I wouldn't like to wait for other episodes to be released..  

chamomille May 28, 2008

Ayashi no ceres is really great..I don't think that the tag - forbidden love- should be there..It's hard to say if there is an idea of incest love..it seems that there is, but on the other hand there isn't..it has its carmical explanation..I mean it's not that brother loves his sister, it's because a different being awakes inside of him..I don't think you can call it incest love then..just believe me, watch it and you will see that I am right..I think the manga is even better..

as for Saiunkoku..I agree..I liked the first part when she lived with the emperor the most..but still it's worth watching for me..but I don't believe anymore that the emperor and shuurei will be some time together..^_^

and Rahxephon..I forgot to tell you something..you propably won't understand it very much..it's just that you have to watch it till the end to finally get what was going on.and then read something about it..it's full of symbolism..

Entrility May 28, 2008

A romance in either sense always makes for a good story. Anything like that's good :P

Romance = adventureorRomance = love-type-thing