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I'm a super genius. Hey, don't laugh. I mean that! I was taken aside for testing due to some abnormalities in first grade at age 6. Turns out I had over a 12'th grade level for everything but math (hadn't been exposed to anything more than division). Somehow managed to get bumped up through the public school system at a 2-weeks per grade until I was held back in the 5'th grade for fears of social development issues. ... shoulda been in college by age 10. *shakes fist in rage*

Speaking of rage, I grew up with the unstoppably awesome powers of red-eye rage, or "Behavioral Problems" as parents, teachers, admins and therapists put it. Got kicked out of school for fighting, for causing disturbances, incidentally also because they didn't know what to do with me. I 'wracked disa-pin'. Took Tae Kwon Do for the next 10 years. Got discipline.

Also, hyperactive. Even in college I was only sleeping about every 3'd day, and never more than 4 hours at once. I'd get the jitters if I stayed asleep so long! I still frequently get bored in the space it takes for me to go from lying in bed to sleeping, but I'm slowing down.

I realized there was no such thing as God at age 8, despite parental attempts at Catholic indoctrination. I was very scared and cried for at least an hour, around 3 AM that night. Then I got over it. I'm a nihilist, and think life should be enjoyed, not mourned, 'cause you should enjoy nothing while it doesn't last. That makes me an athiest by definition.

Somewhere in there I went from an angry, pudgy little asthmatic kid with severe allergies into a stable minded individual with almost no body fat, asthma, or developed concept of personal shame. So, I've got that going for me. Sadly the allergies stuck around.

Professionally I write code for a living, and enjoy it so much that I do it when I'm not working. Lately it seems like I don't have the time though ...

Got married in 2005 to a sweet girl who had the dubious honor of being my first crush, from when I first started to notice girls when I was 13. Before that, she was a total biatch. Suddenly I realized she was a biatch with nice legs. Took me about 12 years before I actually started dating her in 2000, and finally asked her to marry me in 2005. She said, "No." I started to explain that this is not how it's done, but she thought it was silly that I even had to ask. So, she's still a biatch, but I couldn't ask for more.

Now we live in Austin, Texas and I try to avoid livestock while she tries to get us to buy a house with a horse barn and fenced acres for grazing and riding.

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NoLifeKing Aug 19, 2011

hello, How are you today? :D



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(hates MAL) :D


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sothis Jun 7, 2010

happy bday patrick :D

halycon404 Nov 5, 2007

Was reading through recommendations. Hit your one on Patlabor and Riding Bean. As far as I know, for your question in the recomendation. The two have nothing in common other than when they were made. Gunsmith Cats and Riding Bean both come from the same source, the Gunsmith Cats manga, in which Bean is a bit character and sometimes very very low key love intrest of Rally. As for Patlabor, it came from a different manga-ka, and production house entirely. None of the key personel who worked on one, worked on the other. But, as they both started out as action mangas, around the same timeframe and pointed toward the same audience. Its not uncommon for artistic style and genra personalities to carry over between the two.

SlaserX Aug 16, 2007

Holy crap, 6 months? That's insane.

Nice bio btw, it's good to see someone who has down more than just "..."

By the way, what languages do you code? You into asm, perl, php, lisp (lol), BF (I dont dare say the real name), Cobol(again lol), or just plain binary?

Firestorm Jul 31, 2007

Isnt it sad to see how much of our lives we spent on anime?