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Feb 6, 2010

I think people are a little harsh on this anime, and who wouldn't be with a plot line like that. It's certainly bizarre and incoherent sounding, and hard to believe somebody actually came up with that. Yes you read the description and you know that yes indeed it is totally about soda drink cans. If you can get past the bizarre theme enough to actually give this anime a try you will come to find that this actually is a pretty funny, entertaining, perverted and at times touching anime.

The story follows a young high schooler named Kakeru that gets a surprise when he takes a sip of the Melon soda he bought from a vending machine. He receives his first kiss from a mysterious girl who transformed from a soda can. Thus the crazy ecchi Hi Jinks begin, and boy do I mean it when I say ecchi. The humor of the show revolves around sleazy jokes about sex, women, and often times masturbation. Not a show for the prudish. The show is also rather cliche ridden following the same time line of most shows of this genre. Although still proving to have some heart and at times making you feel bad for a soda can seriously making you reconsider recycling.


The only thing I can think of while watching Akikan is "zany", and that's just from looking at the animation. The art is very vivid and colorful and the drawing is almost like a through back of older animes. It is very pretty to look at indeed although there are ones that are better to gawk at. Speaking of gawking like most ecchi anime there are plenty of cute girls and there pantsu to oggle.


It's not abnormal for some anime but the characters can be rather loud and obnoxious at times. Mostly just kakeru ranting off about some perverted fantasy or making raunchy remarks.


The characters do pretty much fit the typical mold of ecchi. Pervert teen meets short tempered cutie with terrifying strength. The oblivious girl and her clingy friend, and the background character nobody listens to. But Akikan thrives on this, and makes it known that there cliches. The characters often find them selves in ecchi sticky situations constantly. For example the always needed "beach" or "pool" episode. Each one of them are perverted in there own way but always hypocritically getting after Kakeru for his shenanigans. I did get a kick out of the old guy who had a thing for young boys and his sexy semi insane sidekick/secretary.


Overall this anime I did enjoy but it's not for everyone. It's the type of show that you either love or you hate theirs not really any gray areas. If your into dirty jokes ecchi cute girls or anything in that area you may enjoy this. I got quite a few giggles out of this show and I know some of you will to!

7/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
7/10 overall
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