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Oct 6, 2012

This Review Was Written Hastily

Please Excuse All Typos and Errors You Might Find Within This Message.

"I shall use up all the Tea I have for I am brilliant! :3"

For various reasons I have developed a disliking towards this anime series already. The story line is both very poor an unoriginal and seems suspiciously close to the .//hack series’ plot. Just for the record I am a somewhat patient person and what some people would call a major critic, or, if you prefer the internet’s scientific term, a troll. Still don’t see what I am getting at? It takes a lot to piss off a ‘troll’ and I mean a lot, however it seems this anime had no trouble  in doing so.

When you first view Btooom’s anime listing, the cover image appears to show a potentially bad ass story line. With bombs flying through the air, explosions in the background, and not to mention the ominous, dark, figures. Your everyday anime newbie would be easily fooled by such thing, only to find out later it was the exact opposite. However, anyone who is quick to judge a book by its cover would fall prey to such things, including the more experienced anime lovers. The plot is somewhat deceiving as well. From the way it was written, I expected to see Ryouta’s mind to become trapped within the game itself like in .//hack, however that was not the case. Rather than your mind getting sucked into the game and your body left to drool all over itself in the hospital, our main character is dropped off at a remote island via parachute with no recollection of what had come to pass earlier on.


The anime first starts off with a lone survivor running from nearly five other players in the game of Btooom. It appears this minor character has a phobia of smoke which our main character, Ryouta, uses against him. In his panic, the extra runs into a dead end where he is cornered by Ryouta and then killed with a timer bomb. Pause. Now wait a second. Unless I am imagining things, this guy just HAPPENED to run into a dead end and our anti-social hero ninja jumped through the glass and one hit kills him? Why doesn’t this guy fight back? What, was he immobilized by Ryouta’s supposed pure awesomeness or was he afraid Slender Man had deployed the smoke bomb and was coming to get him? This is where the producers often decide to butter up our lead character and carpet bomb the viewer by saying while the other players lost their opponent, Ryouta managed to not only predict exactly what the enemy what about to do but was also able to kill him swiftly and efficiently because he was so talented. Already it is made quite clear the producers will favor him later on in the anime with miraculous close calls that ‘no one but him’ were able to accomplish.


We later find ourselves waking up with our main character hanging from a tree. Confused and with no recollection of how or when he got to this island, he finds a mysterious package inside his bag. (THE SUSPENSE!) Soon after Ryouta decides to investigate the package, only to find it loaded with bombs. Up to this point we are repeatedly reminded about how great our anti-social hero here is at Btooom, however during this time he spends several minutes fiddling with them and fails to recognize what it is until after it explodes in his face. Even then, despite having played Btooom for years he fails to notice it not only has a timer on it, but you also have to activate it. Pause. Rewind. If I recall correctly, only a little while ago he used a time bomb on that guy he killed in the video game. And now he doesn’t remember how to work the damn thing? What, did Alexander from Amnesia slip Ryouta some amnesia potion?

So not only did he fail to work a bomb several times, but he also survived three explosions, one where he does a flying leap off a slip and face plants into the ground, another where he gets hit DIRECTLY. However this one was turned into a ‘miss’ like the other two. See? The producers are now sugar coating the realism in the anime, so instead of him breaking a leg, getting cut or even scratched they made him invincible so he wouldn’t die.


Ironically, while Ryouta is dodging explosions and making impossible escapes his enemy is killed in one hit. Pause. Wait a second, I could have sworn those bombs of his made a beeping sound as they count down. Not only is the main character’s opponent a horrible pitcher, but apparently he is deaf as well. Yet again the producers favored their pet by shielding it from falling rocks in the water. Also, I recall Ryouta’s enemy wearing a bomb pouch as well. Why didn’t the rest of his bombs detonate when he died? Oh, yeah, that’s right, it would have killed Ryouta due to the increase in firepower and since the producers have made him into superman, he is now invincible and nothing can hurt him.

Well, that's all I have to say about this anime for now.


0.5/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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zetsubo666 Nov 24, 2012

Pretty hilarious summary of the first episode so thanks for the entertaining read. However to judge a series based on an episode isn't a good idea as all the reviews so far seem to not realise as the plot opens up this series proves to be superior to its rivals. I do completely disagree with how you said this is similar to //hack as this isn't an MMO but more of a survival series with conspiracy theory and considering how many people play FPS games online I think it is an original concept.

While the first episode leaves a bad taste in your mouth I would advise anyone reading these reviews to ignore that and to carry on watching and it will be time well spent. Also I would like to point all the characters are socially inept and have personality issues like the main character having a dual personality but the true beauty of this series is none of the characters are likeable really but I think that is slowly changing as the main character changes his outlook on life so he is someone will change over time. Too many series today try far too hard to make their characters likeable that it does the opposite such as Asuna from SAO.

NicoNicoDesu Oct 30, 2012

Hey! Ryouta is good at Btooom!, contrary to what you said!

Otherwise, how would he be able to use his bankai-telepathy to stop all the bombs from hitting him? >.>

Awesome review.

Greensee Oct 6, 2012

And you forgot to mention that the bombs are supposed to explode on impact, but thanks to magic it exploded in front of Ryouta