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Angel Beats!

Jul 16, 2012

I’ll make this review short and sweet for those who are easily annoyed by long posts. ^^ <3

"You're dead! :D"

For various reasons, I cannot side with those who love this anime. The story line of Angel Beats was very poorly made and unoriginal. It didn’t even stay with the plot around episode 9! When it began, it had much potential. You have an all-girl rock band, a guy who moon walks like the reincarnation of Michael Jackson, and even some creepy dude who can hypnotize people with his eyes. The everyday anime newbie would easily overlook the various flaws in this anime. In some cases, even the most experienced anime lovers have been fooled as well!

Yuri --> A ripped off version of Suzumiya Haruhi in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Ayato Naoi --> Power ripped off of Lelouch Lamperough in Code Geass.

"ACK! **** ASKLADJ!" 

Angel Beats sports attractive designs, bright vibrant colors, outstanding music and good animation. Taking all this into count, it’s not surprising that most viewers were too distracted gawking at all the pretty colors to notice most of it was ripped off. I found many aspects of this anime both unnecessary and boring, too! The guns were overkill! I personally like animes where bullets are flying everywhere, but this was not needed and I do not see how this improved the anime. The all-girl rock band was also unnecessary. Angel Beats basically carpet bombs the viewer with popularity boosters in order to distract you from the horrible plot and to make the anime more likeable. What is even more scary was how this all worked in covering up the amount of plagiarism the producers committed!

Angel Beats! Rocket Chair.gif

"Wow, he's gonna--ALKSDJA!"

The anime takes a sudden turn downhill when the producers began to run out of ideas. This is also where the overused rocket chairs come in. Yes, it has a good environment, but Angel Beats jumps back and forth between comedy, drama, and action. Sure, it wasn’t that bad, but the way it was executed was horrible. The anime became gradually more interesting when they dug up some back stories of the characters but, due to lack of effort and plain laziness, they only bothered with a few. In the end, what I find the most frustrating was how everyone was too busy with fighting the class representative in this unfruitful vendetta that they refused to focus on the actual story. Had they scheduled to end the anime in 26 episodes, this would have provided more room for everyone to breathe, increase character growth, as well as flesh out the story better. The final episode, being a prolonged farewell, would have made much more sense, too! Due to this, I am still confused whether or not I myself liked the ending.

"Actually, I look thinner with clothes on!"

Be prepared to shed a tear or two, or perhaps laugh to death, along the way of this anime! In many instances, most of the time during character flash backs, Angel Beats can become quite depressing. I even felt like tearing up on more than one occasion, but not all out crying. So, be sure to carry a box of tissues with you whenever you watch Angel Beats!


As said before, this anime failed to excel due to lack of effort. It had plenty of potential, but was wrongly executed. I can honestly see as to why Angel Beats is popular. For viewers who have nothing else to do but watch comedy to pass time, then this is the perfect anime! For those who want to see something new and exciting, however, then this is definitely not the place for you. Especially if you are experienced with animes plagiarizing other animes. Overall, it is funny and I tend to rewatch it when I run out of things to see late at night.

"According to Yuri, failure to complete the mission is punishable by death."

The Results

Overall Art: 9.5/10

General Artwork: 1.5/2 - Fair

Character Figures: 2/2 - Perfect

Animation: 2/2 - Perfect

Backgrounds: 2/2 - Perfect

Visual Effects: 2/2 - Perfect

Overall Audio: 6/10

Voice Acting: 2/3 - Odd and a bit off in Eng. Dub

Musical Themes: 2/3 - Average

Sound Effects: 2/3 - Fair

Overall Plot: 3/10

Pacing: 1/2 – Very slow around the middle

Complexity: 0.5/2 - ... They wondered away from the what they THOUGHT was a good plot and made it more complex with absolute nonsense. I give the nonsense a score or 2/2 but the real plot... 0.5

Conclusion: 0/2 - Poor

Overall Charisma: 3/10

Presence: 0.5/3 – Iffy, but most of the time funny.

Personality: 2/3 – Fair. I see the same thing everywhere.

Development: 0.5/3 - Hardly


3/10 story
8.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Fuzzeh Aug 15, 2012

Your rating scale shows 3/10 for plot. Clearly it should be 3/8. Wouldn't that bring the overall score up to 5.6 or so? Also, what kind of rating scheme has plot subrated under overall plot?