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Hello World,

 Im your typical sterotypical nerdy enigneer no need to explain much there. However, I do have a love for Anime and (maybe even more) Anime soundtracks and scores. Im a bit of a composer and I play violin and piano.


Thats about all theres to it right now.


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Habhome Apr 7, 2009

H-Hi. Um.. I've seen you a lot through out the forum and I've admired your posts for a long time.


Actually I've kind of read all of your posts just because I l-like them so much.

Which brings me to the original reason I contacted you..

I wanted to know if you maybe ...

I-I mean, I  wondered if you wanted to... um like... go out with me?

VivisQueen Apr 7, 2009

*DeusVult is cooking some fishcakes*

*gently, he spoons the cakes out of the frying pan, laying them on a plate to the side*

*he's got a nice little pile going, and puts in the next batch*

*he watches his fishy dishy bubbling away until delectably browned (cause that's what the recipe book says)*

*he turns again to the plate on the side to spoon the next batch*

*he stares at his plate of food for a moment, getting An Odd Feeling, but hastily pushes it aside - he mustn't lose concentration*

*batch three, and he's very pleased with himself. Not one has been burned, and they're all turning out evenly shaped*

*he turns back to the plate to lay more tasty morsels onto the - DAMNIT, he knew it!*

*clenching one fist and growling, he whirls around, brandishing his spatula in a ferocious slash. The air rings as steel meets steel*

'You again!' DeusVult grinds out between his teeth.

*Indeed, facing him is the prettiest creature he has ever beheld - a dark and veluptuous being of devious nature, who grunts as she parries his blow with her now-greasy fork*

*their weapons slide against each other, screeching, sparkling*

*she licks her crumbly lips, mocking him, mocking his efforts, laughing inside even as he grieves for his lost masterpiece*


*the air blurs and wooshes maddeningly as cutlery meets cutlery. DeusVult is fast, but VivisQueen is dexterous. She leaps, bounces off kitchen cabinets, hangs from the ceiling lights, hurls herself towards him in a mid-air tumble... and narrowly misses as DeusVult pirouettes aside*

*they now face each other, grunting for air, DeusVult by the fridge, VivisQueen balanced upon her delicate toes on the tap of the sink*

*neither can win. She seems to recognise this. Slowly, deliberately, she licks grease from the fork, stem to head*

'Yummmmmy,' she giggles.

*then, faster than DeusVult can think, she tumbles backwards, pokes her top half through the window, and vanishes upwards, presumably onto the roof, escaping with two tasty fishcakes warming her belly*

*DeusVult looks towards the frying pan, where his third batch has turned black and stiff. With a bitter, heart-broken cry he smashes his spatula onto the floor*

'Damnit, I got stalk'd!'

CJxthexAnimexLord Apr 6, 2009

Haibane Renmei? Your favorite? lol could u please explain why?

Bixie Apr 6, 2009

Razor and Shaving Cream...... now! lol

KatDJZ Apr 4, 2009

I just noticed you have 319 Won't Watch. Wow.