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Hello World,

 Im your typical sterotypical nerdy enigneer no need to explain much there. However, I do have a love for Anime and (maybe even more) Anime soundtracks and scores. Im a bit of a composer and I play violin and piano.


Thats about all theres to it right now.


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rossion Apr 8, 2009

hmm so many have stalked you yet your not bewildered? hahah very amusing but not good enought i'm afraid i will follow you everywhere unless you make a robot model for my consiousness to reside in for all time so hows about you start hope you dont mind working under pressure howether as i want it complete and up to my standards in 48 hours so not a minite to spare then GET TO WORK HAHAHAHAHA ohh and if you slack i will hurt you that i promise

Sheila Apr 8, 2009

"Hab? What are you doing here?" *surprised*

"Ahem, he's just asked me out for a date..." you said shakily.

"Date? Date?! Hab, you two timer!"

"Eeerr.... hmmm... it's not like that... really not..." Hab joined the dialogue

"So what was it?" Sheila smiled... but there wasn't anything cute in that smile...

"Orders! Yes, yes, orders! Stalk Club!"

"Oh yeah, that stalk club again... which reminds me... I wasn't here to pick you up ^^;; "

*DeusVult is confusedly looking around*

"Yep, I came to meet you, Deus ^^ ... you know, order is order... "

"Eh... ok.. ehmm.. nice to meet you then... May I have a request?"

"Yep, I'm listening" she smiled happily.

"Then... will you take that blonde guy with you and GET OUT OF HERE!"


VivisQueen Apr 8, 2009

Oh yeah I did! And I enjoyed it. *smirk*

arc666 Apr 7, 2009

''Hi, I wish to converse with about a difrrent subject other than minnies, waffles, fuck yeah!'' Says the figure who had appeared before Deusvult*.



*An unnerving silence...*

''Get out'' DuesVult says blankly to the figure infront of him.

''Fuck yeah! ...Wait, no! I mean why would I? Now then about those waffles...''

*DeusVult finds himself strangely taken with rage at this figure, furious he charges at him, in one foul, low, despicble move he pokes him!*

*The figure begins to cry*

''...Okay, i'll leave bye forever!''

*The figure runs out into the sunset, trips (bloody hurt too) and vanishes*

*DuesVult simply smiles*

*The next day DeusVult notices  figure in his bushes, interested he approaches*

''So, about them waffles...*

Habhome Apr 7, 2009

Ha! That aussie. I eat kangaroos like him for breakfast xD