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about me

Hello World,

 Im your typical sterotypical nerdy enigneer no need to explain much there. However, I do have a love for Anime and (maybe even more) Anime soundtracks and scores. Im a bit of a composer and I play violin and piano.


  • Besides watching Anime I like doing Home Video & Sound Editing and make DVDs for everthing.
  • I build my own kites.  Most have no spars/ribs and are "ram-air" designed.  I made a 21 foot Octopus this year and a 5 feet x 10 feet Parafoil.  I do all the design work in AutoCad.
  • I compose music (classical) mostly Strings and Piano kinda stuff; but not very often as i dont get "inspired" as often as your normal composers/artists do.
  • I like to cook and have repeated "show-downs" with my friends.  Unfortunatly for me I usually lose; probably because most of my dishes are Meat & Potatoes! =)
  • For you gamers out there you'll catch me playing (under the same name) SupCom and ET: Wolfenstein.
  • Fly Fishing & Fly Tying; whenever I get the chance. (Which it seems is down to just a few days a year now, sniff sniff.)
  • Oh and 1 more thing.  Not really a hobby but I collect vintage Atari 2600 cartridges.  Theres over 900 of them and I'm around the 300's right now.  What can I say, I'm an 80's kid.

Thats about all theres to it right now.


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Bixie avatar Bixie

You Rock!

Oct 31, 2009

Hello there! I heard you found a job... Congrats! Oh and Happy Anniversary! 2 yrs on AP!

DeusMortis avatar DeusMortis


Aug 27, 2009

You did a good job setting me up with Spice and Wolf II  (cliff hanger).

DavidSeth avatar DavidSeth

Thanks! ^_^

Aug 10, 2009

always good to find another Haibane Renmei fan :)

Nihongo avatar Nihongo


Aug 1, 2009

Haha thank you so much, I agree it was looking a tad empty.

OverLord01 avatar OverLord01


Jul 26, 2009

Unsatiisfied with me?? Oh you must be mistaken there, I treated her like a queen. How could she go back to you when I treated her so well. She was so happy and now this is a knife is the back! How could I be so blind on what was going on. Man I feel so lower then low right now. Bix how could you?!?!? (cries over desk while typing this)


Well this is not over Deus not by a long shot! The battle has started and Bix will remain by my side.(haha!!!)


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