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Got my BS in materials chemistry, which is halfway to an engineering degree. I work as a contract chemist for a company which charges 161 dollars per hour for my time, and pays me squat. Squat and a half if i get overtime, and they HATE giving me overtime. I love travel, and have recently visited Australia where i wrassled what i thought was a kangaroo to the ground. Found out later it was a wallaby, and felt bad for poor rocko. Also recently visited Tennessee, where i discovered that i do infact like ochra.

If i have time for video games, i play Bioshock or MP:corruption. Blu-ray is the devil, and PS3 can suck it. As for MMOs, well. After recovering from evercrack, i have tried to stay clean. But i slip into Dofus or 9 Dragons occationally. Played RO for WAY too long. got an alche to biochemist. got biochemist to 70. Realised i had fallen off of the wagon and quit the week i became a Gm.

Much like bruce williis, i speak English and Bad English. Unlike bruce, i've never killed a helicopter with a car.

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Temsik Feb 16, 2008

I have been looking for sanctuary a while now, but I wasnt able to find it and I noticed you saw it, so if you could point me towards a site with direct download or anythinthat could help me obtain it I would be extremely grateful. Have a nice day ^^

DeathGodX Oct 6, 2007

rrrr like in the batman stuff the guy who weres a lot of questions on his suit??

DeathGodX Sep 8, 2007

hi and creepy pic of michael jackson