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I spend waaaaayy too much time watching anime.

Names Dem.

I'm an anime artist and cosplayer, along with a crazy anime fan-tard!

Pretty laid back and cuddly. ^_^ 
I like to make new frends! :3

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Minai99 Jan 28, 2012

*poke* :3

Fell off the active users bandwagon at some point, eh? Anime artist? 

LadyPsychic Apr 24, 2011

Hey, I just finished watching this awesome anime today.  It's called Mahou Shojou Madoka Magica.  Now I know that magical girl is one of your least favorite genres but I think you should give this one a chance.  It's much darker and has a more complex plot than your typical magical girl anime.

LadyPsychic Apr 5, 2011

Yeah, it can be pretty tiring to add everthing to your lists.  It took me several days to add all the anime I remember seeing at that point.  I still add anime (and manga) to my lists whever I watch/read them and when they add some that I've already seen/read to the database.  While Anime Planet has a large database, they don't yet have everything listed and are constantly adding more anime/manga titles to their database.  There are a few anime ovas I've seen (as well as several manga I've read) that haven't been added to the database yet.

So, Ergo Proxy is your favorite anime, eh?  I haven't heard too much about it, but perhaps I'll check it out.  I've have heard about Yellow.  In fact, I think I might of read some of Yellow, but I'm not sure where I stopped at (which is why I didn't add it to my manga list yet).  Perhaps, I should go and reread it.  As for your other favorite manga, I don't think I've ever head about it. 

LadyPsychic Apr 5, 2011

You're welcome.  So, what's some of your favorite anime?  Also, do you read manga?

animeforever817 Apr 4, 2011

niiicccee. than I better start watching it. XD