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Just Finished watching Koutako No Regios


Or Chrome Shelled Regios in English, I think.

Anyways, I'm just writing my thoughts on this anime.  Overall, I think Regios is just barely watchable - it has just enough action/relationship/comedy/ scenes in each episode to keep you from dropping the anime all together.  And these scenes weren't even exceptional, they were just decent in an otherwie run of the mill action anime. 

This anime actually reminded me of Scryed and Getbackers.  Scryed because of the story/setting/Dites.  And Getbackers because of the large cast of characters with differing abilities. 

I can tell you that this anime is much better than Scryed.  I actually don't remember Scryed all too well except for the fact that it was pretty bad.  Regios isn't as good as Getbackers though as its effort in comedy failed in my opinion.  In fact, the characters and action scenes can't compare either.In Getbackers, there's a hint of mystery that surrounds each character.  Regios tries this also, but it fails miserably either due to poor character development. 

Another thing that bugs me is the Saya sidestory.  These scenes play no part in the actual story 90% through the anime.  But they were just dropped in randomly throughout, starting from episode 2 or 3.  Only near the end do they reveal that those events from the side story may actually have value.  Is this suppose to entice me?  It's like the creators were trying to pull a Scrapped Princess in the end.

Overall, I thought Regios was trying too much to attract to a large audience due to the fact that it was touching base with a number of genres action/comedy/mystery/harem/drama.  The sad part is that it never excelled in any one of these areas, which made the whole watching experience quite bland. 

I hope they fix this for the next season because the show has some potential.  And me being the completist that I am, would like to know the conclusion - no matter how bad the anime gets.

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Funkgun avatar Funkgun
Sep 12, 2009

Well if your one that believes that getbackers is better than S-Cryed I would tend to think your tastes are similar to my own.

I have looked at this title before, wondered what shows you could compare it too. Thanks for the info. Hope you do not mind me stopping by.


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