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As a Higashi no Eden fan, I believe fans deserve a much better ending from writer Kenji Kamiyama. Paradise Lost went against the entire suspenseful plot of the Eden franchise in general. The mystery of the game is inexplicable. There’s no romance between the two main characters. It disappointingly concludes the Higashi no Eden series with illogical conclusions, no clarifications, and even more questions leading to cliffhangers.

This is no longer a dangerous game as it was portrayed to be. Mr. Outside makes an appearance, and he doesn’t fit the script of a criminal mastermind or an evil villain. There are last minute changes to the game in the last few minutes of the movie, and it eliminates all of the seriousness that occurred throughout the series thus far. Apart from that, the game ends without revealing the Supporter and explaining anything about how Juiz operates.

As in the anime series, Takizawa ends everything with a bizarre move, and everyone wonders “What is he doing” and “Why is he doing this.” No one know what Takizawa is thinking, and he never explains himself. Also, it ends in a goofy fashion when the series appeared to be serious.

There is no happily ever after between the two main characters. Nothing changes with Takizawa and Saki, and they spend no alone time together. While Takizawa is dealing with the drama of being the successor to the throne, Saki sets off to search for his long-lost mother. After everything’s over, Takizawa and Saki basically go their separate ways again.

At times like these, I would turn over to the adaptations for an alternative ending. Sadly, there is no manga in relation to Higashi no Eden, and the novels written by Kenji Kamiyama are the same as the TV series.

My advice is to read reviews on Higashi no Eden II: Paradise Lost before beginning the Higashi no Eden series altogether. The series starts on a good note, but the final ending is mediocre and twists the entire plot. If you already watched the series, then you may feel the need to complete it. However, don’t get your hopes up, because the dedication that you put towards the entire series will probably result in a heartbreak.

4/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall

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