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Hi, have another profile here but decided to make a brand new one since the one I used to have hasn't been updated since 2009, I've watched a lot of Anime and the ones I really enjoy I tend to re-watch a lot. One of these days I will update this to include all the Anime that I have wathced/re-watched but for now I just did a quick look-through, I've probably missed at least 100 that I should put under watched.

I started watching Anime around Mid-Late 2006 but ended up taking a big break in early-mid 2012 and just coming back to watching Anime fairly recently so I'm not up to date with any recent/semi-recent releases apart from a few I have already managed to watch.

My favorite Animes will be easy for you to tell, just look for the ones with 3+ re-watches.

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camillimeter avatar camillimeter


Aug 24, 2013

Oh yeah, I really like this site and I always visit it and welcome everyone! :))

camillimeter avatar camillimeter


Aug 23, 2013

Welcome to AP! :)

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