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Well, I was never good at stuff like this, though I will try my best to desribe myself. So I am 18 years old, my height is 5'6" and my weight is 114 lbs. I was borned and raised in a small country in East Europe.

In my free time I read books/manga, watch movies/anime, listen to music, draw and write short stories.

I like reading all kind of genres books, though my favorite ones are historical, since I am interested in history (I am going to study it in university). I also like poetry and I have read a lot of Shakespeare's poems (it is amazing how someone could have written anything so wonderful). Well, I not only read stuff like that, I also like adventure and mystery stories and I am quiet a fan of Sandra Brown.

To be honest, I don't read as many mangas as I read books, not because I don't like them, I just never find the time to really read them and if  do I prefer watching anime.

My favorite animes are Death Note and Monster, for some uknown reason I was facinated by those animes and felt in love with them only after seeing few episodes. In my personal opinion they are very well made and most surtenly can catch ones attention.

My favorite movie would be "The Usual Suspects", I just felt in love with the main character Keyser Soze. He is probably the one of few good liars that I have seen in movies/animes not to mention real life.

So the music that I listen to is usually HARD ROCK or METAL and my favorite band is "In this Moment"...


Anyway guys I am a very lazy person and I think I have already writen a lot, so I will stop here, if you have any questions feel free to ask, I don't bite. :P

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XxZeroeZxX Jul 20, 2013

You've done a very nice job with your prof jou-chan ^_^

Welcome to ap!

So where are you from my friend?