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Musings on Now Watching, 11/16/2010

16 NOV

I've been getting back into watching Dragon Ball lately, still haven't finished it. Now that I'm deep into the King Piccolo story arc, I have to say this is easily my favorite so far. It's a little disappointing that it took over 100 episodes before the series got an actual real VILLAIN who feels like an evil villain, but it's good to see the series pick up.


Also, I re-watched Gurren-hen and Lagann-hen with some friends last weekend, and Lagann-hen is still pretty much my favorite anime of all time.  Watched the first Parallel Works set and the Yoko music video, they're pretty much all great.


I started Rurouni Kenshin with a friend last week, it's a pretty nostalgic experience.


Panty and Stocking and OreImo are both great, and I always look forward to new episodes.

K-ON!!, the second season, is definitely better than the first.  The show is basically Lucky Star with a band, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless.




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