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My hobbies include watching hours and hours of anime, reading some mange, competitive gaming, and playing the guitar. Gaming and Anime being the best of all of those.


I enjoy gaming as a very big part of my life. I would love to do things such as Major League gaming, unfortunately I don't have the right contacts to do that sort of thing. I try to get involved with competitive gaming as much as possible in games such as call of duty, pokemon, battlefield, and a few racing games.


I've gotten to the point were I really enjoy anime and I would like to create my own anime. I can be quite a moderately talented drawer from time to time so I started to draw a few manga and anime pictures. I'm currently looking through the tutorials in Manag University and I am thinking of taking thier course. I recommend you check them out if your into this kind of stuff.


Music is another very big influence in my life. I started playing the guitar 2 years from now and have just started moving onto more complicated lead guitar stuff. My favourite music genres are rock, heavy metal, electronic and trance. I was once in a band called "edged" (i recommend you check out thier stuff, they are pretty amazing) but i was pushed away and it was really trumatizing and I haven't had the courage to try and form a new band as I'm afraid of the outcomes.

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