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Hello there, visitor! Welcome to my humble profile.

I'm a regular MSc student from Belgium who clearly tends to like anime. Actually, it has been several years now that I started to watch anime. I discovered it accidentally due to some JRPGs I stumbled upon. Of course, I already liked shows like Pokémon and Digimon when I was younger, but I had no idea about the vast amount of content that's out there.

I’m usually quite open-minded when it comes to different kinds of genres. I mostly prefer a rich and entertaining story, thought I must say that I generally dislike sports, mecha and excessive fan service.

Well, if you got some more questions, feel free to ask.


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4.0*      Great title on general.
3.5*      Average, but with a positive impression.
3.0*      Really average with some bugging flaws.
2.5*      It's extremely hard to say anthing postive about it.
2.0*      It's really bad.
< 2.0*   Not worth spending your time on. Seriously.

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ZoundX says...

Deathly! Hey its been a while

Still around on ap then? I need to get back on the forums but i keep forgetting to

so you watched anything good recently? Just finished watching Mangaka-san to assistant-san it was one of the funnyest thigns ive ever seen :D

do you use steam btw? could add me on that if you do

Sep 4, 2014
Ailly says...

Thanks! ^^

Aug 2, 2014
Asia1 says...


Jul 29, 2014
Asia1 says...

I will watch it when I am able to watch sad or thoughtdful stuff, I am not in the best state to watch such things now.

Jul 28, 2014
Asia1 says...

I recommend playing ONLY Phantasy Star 1-4 that go for Sega Master System and Genesis, I am not surprised if you playd Phantasy Star Universe for PSP or anything like that and didn't like it. And as for Metal Gear, indeed, shame on you, everybody just look at him! (hahah just kidding xD)

I planned to check Mushishi sometime, must be good. Right now I am in a mood for some funny/light anime and I am watching I, My Me! Strawberry Eggs. XD In general I prefer some deep anime. XD

Though what do you think about Arakawa Under the Bridge? To my opinion it's the only nonsensical and funy anime that is not stupid. XD

And indeed, Letter Bee looks like an anime that not many watched/.would like to watch yet it's so so so so so so so so good. >w<

Jul 27, 2014