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Hello there, visitor! Welcome to my humble profile.

I'm a student from Belgium who clearly tends to like anime, otherwise I wouldn't be here. Actually, a fun fact is that I discovered anime accidently because of some RPG's I stumbled upon. Of course, I already liked shows like Pokémon and Digimon when I was a kid, but I had no idea about the vast amount of content that's out there.

I’m usually quite open-minded when it comes to different kinds of genres. I like shows which have a rich and mind-boggling story to tell and it seems that I mostly dislike genres like sport, mecha and excessive fan service. Nevertheless, there are always some exception though.

Well that was a little bit about me, feel free to ask if you got some more questions. ;)


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My ratings are fully subjective, so please don't be offended by them. Normally, I would only really recommend shows that are 4* or more. 
The following descriptions give a good indication of my general impression.

5.0*      Simply put a masterpiece!
4.5*      An extremely well-made anime/manga.
4.0*      Great title on general.
3.5*      Average, but with a positive impression.
3.0*      Forgettable with some bugging flaws.
2.5*      Did I really watch/read it?
2.0*      It's really bad.

You'll figure out the scores which are lower than 2.0*... :P

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NorthPole says...

You are INVITED! ^__^

Spread the word!

Nov 4, 2014
ZoundX says...

Deathly! Hey its been a while

Still around on ap then? I need to get back on the forums but i keep forgetting to

so you watched anything good recently? Just finished watching Mangaka-san to assistant-san it was one of the funnyest thigns ive ever seen :D

do you use steam btw? could add me on that if you do

Sep 4, 2014
Ailly says...

Thanks! ^^

Aug 2, 2014
Asia1 says...


Jul 29, 2014
Asia1 says...

I will watch it when I am able to watch sad or thoughtdful stuff, I am not in the best state to watch such things now.

Jul 28, 2014