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Hi new friends and fellowers my name us Deathangle why I pick that name because it reminds me of an anime show ,I like to draw and write I also if you believed in me natuarl power .But I not sure what happen to it maybe it was false to me or maybe I have another one any ways I am trying to do now phygical ablities but I am using medition I have other goals like loosing at least say 50 pounds or so I alwas wornder what would I be when I lost that must pound .Any was I almost out of special ad.My parents are very pround for me for coming as far ,as I remember my passed was a mess ,I have no clue who is my real mother and info also yes I am adoptd .My future lies uponed time and my normal ablities (talents like dancing ,writting and art).You might think as me as cute and miss perfect attituded hahaha! I am mostily 40% hidden my perevil side as my half of my life pass by (okay That sounded cheessy ?).Any how againg I am a tigers school I don't wont to spreaded out where because who knowns one of you guys cloud walk wright up and said "Hi I known u from blank ,blank"and in a week or so u might said "Hey is that bank bank from bank ,bank".Then I well got reall popular and I might have to moved away .

Any ways I am a junior now said is it ,well that what happen when time fly by .Well what is my dream job u might aksed it two of my talents and you have guess witch one .

Love by deathheat

,Death Angle

If you known why I put By death heat well I well wright you a poem about why?K.


Death by blood ,cold as ice eyes are stolen by the devil sins terrior reaches around the clock .Nightmares awakens by the bloody sight of death .Death by blood by heated as the sun heated the demon lobatory .He awakens by the sound of mercuy screaming souls .His wings are fillded with dead souls life around him his dark as day life dies his is blinded as a bat but souls are around  him make him feel dieing and living life.He is pushmented for a crime for that he didn't done and now  he is in the the devil,and demons labotary .

Death by heat is comin soon...!P.S.I known what death heat means fwy I well put mor stuff like this ...tooo just scareee uuu (deep high pitch voice) Muhhhhhahhahhhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!I hope u well have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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chikoritaBH Aug 22, 2012

Thanks for friending me, Deathangle. :) An interesting bio. :D

Kari5 Aug 22, 2012

Also, if you're looking for people to talk to, I'd recommend the chat page :)

Kari5 Aug 22, 2012

Hey, I'm a moderator here on A-P. I just wanted to ask you to stop playing around with editing characters. Everytime you click on edit character, we have to deal with an auto-generated message. So if you wouldn't mind not touching the edit character button unless you're read over our guidelines carefully and actually have something to submit, that'd be great. :)Saves us some work.All that aside, welcome to A-P! If you have any questions on how the site works, just send me a message. 

Deathangle Aug 22, 2012

Hey u guys com on talk to me