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6.Hunter X hunter

7.Code geass

8.Tenchi Muyo OVA

9.Furi Kuri

10.Hikaur No Go

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maggiscool says...

i prefer inuyasha of course but because sessho is his brother, then sessho is okay too. so you've been off anime for 3 months aye? that's pretty cool. i haven't been watching any anime nor have I been keeping up with my mangas so I'm REALLY behind.

Nov 9, 2007
silverwolf says...

i love your avatar!!!!!! sasshoumaru is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 7, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

I am sooooooo glad you started watching Ayashi no Ceres!!!!  You don't know how happy that makes me!!!!!!  :)   I really hope you enjoy it!

Oct 25, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

Wow!  You seem to be one for sports and that walk!  Man, 3 miles . . . I hate walking and don't even get me started on running!   (lol)  :)

I am doing pretty good, just a lot of school work and stuff.  I have midterms coming up soon and finals aren't really that far behind.  Stressful work!  Have a good Thursday! 

Oct 25, 2007