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6.Hunter X hunter

7.Code geass

8.Tenchi Muyo OVA

9.Furi Kuri

10.Hikaur No Go

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fourthavenue Oct 4, 2007

i watched doraemon while i was still in elementary-freshman high

fourthavenue Oct 4, 2007

Yes, the plot of RahXephon is so confusing.. and i watched better anime of the same genre than this one.. :)

profec Sep 16, 2007

If you want to watch banner of the stars you should watch crest of the stars first.Its a fairly slow series, I dont remember much action actually, even the battles are fairly slow and tame, but it has some excellent characters, so if you can put up with slow drawn out dialogue its worth a watch, since you liked gasaraki you should do pretty well with it, crest of the stars is a much different series for me, but it sets up the main characters so shouldnt be missed.

maggiscool Sep 13, 2007

If Eureka 7 was a man, I'd marry him. Seriously, I love that anime. Claymore is way too cool man. I'm reading ahead and let me tell you that it is getting really good. Blood+ is my plus.

Lolo Sep 13, 2007

Yeah your watching 12 kingdoms too! Very cool indeed *instant fav* WOW your only 13 and you have seen so many animes! DEDICATION :) Have a lovely day! - the marvelous captain lolo