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starting a list of anime ive watch and little notes on my thoughts of them starting to day and will have to remember or re watch the ones befor to day (10/18/2012

Kurau Phantom Memory: Christmas KURAU and Kurau AMAMI perfect sisterly love story with family action and sadness and happiness added 10/17 - 10/18 (2012

  • At first i thought i couldnt watch it becuase i find it hard to watch 2 girls that are the main chars get hurt and harmed (mainly Christmass kurau), but they managed to avoid that and it ended up being a great anime any anime that can make me cry in instaly a good anime in my book started good and ended good :). (5/5)

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro: pretty dam funny and the faces Neuro NOUGAMI makes are asume haha 10/16 - 10/17 (2012

  • I like how they started with this one first showing the the main ppl then later showing the back stories as they went Neuro is fucking asum haha and so was the girl Yako KATSURAGI, they really did a good character match when they made this on the crims were pertty oviouse but the over all story was perfect haha :P (4.5/5)

Kobato.: loved it loved it :) Kobato HANATO <3(Chiho MIHARA,Chise MIHARA)>Chii maybe?

  • i always like storys with a girl that is out going and fun and strives to help others. not much to say on this one but it was sad and happy a perfect mix :) and a very cute anime haha

Sekirei & Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~: alot of boobage enough said more then i tend to like for other ppl that dont like anime as much just think as all anime is is perverted and dont mean the playful meaning but anyways loved it :P cant wait for more (5/5)

  • didnt think i would like it considering how how much heavly the put boobage in to play but i soon didnt care and the over all story and how they did seams weird without as much boobage as they put in haha. a good harem and action haha. ( to be continued) 10/21 - 10/22 (2012).

Sora no Otoshimono/Forte: pervy humor and heram love haha very good one for small town angle type love story with alittle action thats all i can really say haha and that i ador Ikaros :3 (5/5) but its not that great i just loved it :P.

Da Capo I: a very sweet and sad story kinda hard for me to watch because there was kinda to much sad slow parts but thats just me other then that its good going to watch each season slowly sense its alitte hard for me to watch but good none the less (4/5)

Best Student Council: not much i can say on this one for me i skipped alot of parts but thats just for me. i did really like it only giveing it a 3.5 because i skipped around parts but it was a very good anime and fun to watch none the less even a few sadparts :P 3.5/5

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