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The Melancholy of Haruhi, after


WOW, thats all i can think of watching it again in the right order. This show is a masterpiece. I really loved it so much now. I cant explain why, but everything, every little detail was correct. And there was always something new. Like hé, i dindt notice that then. Its strange but i got a really good feeling watching this show but cant explain it. It was something new, with a combination of a lot of genres. And it worked !!!

Like everybody says, first watch the order in wich it was aired (Kyon order) and then watch the Chronological order (Haruhi) wich you can combine with the 2009 version (the only bad point there are the endless 8, but you can skip those).

So maby its hard to watch it again after the strange Kyon order. But i am positief that it is for the best. So when you watch it again you can enjoy it for a full 200%

This is a show that you must see 2 times, Kyon and Haruhi order. If you only watch one of those you havent seen the full potential of the serie and its a waste.  


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