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*vageta and piccalo floating on an iceburg*

Piccalo: is the battle over?

Vageta: Not untill the fish jumps

*fish jumps out of water then pops back in*

Vageta: now its over...

Who am i? Eh, just the average anime lover. Cant help it, its like a drug to me. o.o Ive become addicted to anime and i dont think i will ever get out of it. Ive also used manga as a substitute and sometimes even games when im in a lack of anime. But there are other times when im in a little world ive created and i just HAVE to have anime, you know?

:P Nah, im just messing with ya. I am a lover of anime, and i do love manga to boot. But im not so bad as to create a world of my own. Not yet anyways o.o

Favorites Continued:

6. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

7. Bleach: Memories of Nobody

8. Gungrave

9. Elfen Lied

10. Cowboy Bebop


Anime is one of my biggest interests. But manga is trailing behind only by a sliver. o.o Im too much of a japanese lover. Ive spent over a good 2000 US dollers for manga and anime, and thats not including all the things ive seen and read online. o.o I guess the next thing after manga would be puzzles. i like puzzles and that kind of thing. Lets see.....what else....oh, im a video game nut. I love to play games. Online, offline, console, board. Anything that keeps me occupied for more then 5 minutes.:P

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ThuGie Feb 5, 2008

Well i found the site today,

I noticed somebody's signature and though why not check it out.

But i'm liking it so might as wel make use of that right :). 

ThuGie Feb 5, 2008

Hey and thanks,

Yeah i have seen quite alot of anime and to tell you the truth i havent even listed 50% of what i have seen..

i just got a bit tired of selecting them i might continue tomorrow.

And yes the community does seem to be quite good,

I tryed out a other one before but wasnt really my taste this one looks really promising. 

Byounin Feb 4, 2008

Hi and thanks for the great and warm welcome ^^

twobellssilence Feb 3, 2008

Agreed. That was my first view of Twilight. But I'm really enjoying ROOTS. Now if school would just stop getting in the way ><. -shakes fist at grade 12-

twobellssilence Feb 3, 2008

I won't. Maybe I should have watched them in that order. I'm sure you'll enjoy it though. Thats all I'll say XP