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I'm 18 years old, I live in NY where I lived my whole life. I've been watching anime since I was 3-4 years old.

I'm a martial artist that has been training for 6 years now and one of the few American anime fans that can speak Japanese (I also speak Spanish, but I won't brag ^_~). I love to help people out with translations or to simply be a tool for others learning language. If anyone wants to learn, by all means, befriend me and I'll help you with whatever you'd like.

I'm an artist whos original dream was to be the first foriegn manga artist, that dream died.. I also walked away from anime when I was 16 since I was seriously bored with it. Around 6 months ago I got back into it.. I've indulged in all the fine series I've missed out on.. and Anime is once again, part of my life.

I collect Doujin religously and I enjoy chating online. PLEASE, anyone who wants to have someone to talk to.. hit me up! lol, I'm usually online from 1pm-5am. My favorite music artist is Shakira and it's pretty much all I listen to, with some exceptions of course.

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wolfangel87 Nov 27, 2010

What are your favorites animes?  You should come back and add a list so everyone can see!

Happy Birthday!!!

sothis Apr 23, 2008

Long time no see! ^_^

Makotosai Oct 27, 2007

hello there, wow! i must say you have quite a profile very interesting i enjoyed reading it. a martial artist for 6 years huh have you ever had to use your skills to defend your self?what happend to stop you from achiving your dream did someone jump ahead of you? oh and whats Doujin?

( sorry if im asking too many questions at once.)

silverace99 Oct 26, 2007

no prob no prob, it's a commentbox say whatever ya like. I promise no retribution for lengthy posting :P

Berserk is indeed great. Even as old as it is there's nothing better in the medieval genre.

sothis Oct 26, 2007

You should join us in chat if you are bored! ^_^ just click chat up above... you don't have to put in a pw even though it has a field.