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The developments in that took place in Safer Colon the coordination have the medical community along signed a government for example and things like the eradication of smoking or cancer prevention through lifestyle changes and in dietary changes and what I'm wondering %uh if you think about can these two things one side one another is are the atrocities that we've been discussing sort have I'm an inherent risk in the involvement have this state in on health promotion and what I'm thinking about this is in the context love kind of small urn the normalization above lifestyles within are our contemporary culture and campaigns to eradicate obesity or I'm to it Institute taxes on things like snack foods and time just wondering if you might have any comments on these two things relation to one another you or certainly correct to talk about the idea that it’s important when you look at this historically it's bit then it's one of the things that I think in fact makes one of the things that makes the Nazi case quite different from some of these other things we've .

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