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Let's see...

I'm a young, vivacious Otaku in the Boston Area... I'm into a lot of random things including, but not limited to, Gothic Lolita, Horror, Crossdressers, and Nekomimis. I enjoy drinking tea and reading fortunes, I'm delightfully ditzy and extremely eccentric, If someone's doing or wearing something odd, I'm either that person, or striking up a conversation with that person.

I'm rather cynical, I suppose that comes from the Tarots...

And I tend to sink in and out of fanboydom rather quickly with regards to a lot of things...

But even if I'm not proudly displaying said fanboydom, it will quickly arise again should it be incited...

I'm into a lot of video games as well... I don't discriminate on genre, and the only series that I hate with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns is the Call of Duty Series, simply because people are convinced that it's the greatest thing in existence, which I object to. I don't have an answer as to what is, but I certainly do not think that it is Call of Duty. Other games I'm into, I have every multiplayer Valve game, I love Touhou, and I love Blazblue... I own Bad Company 2, but don't play it much, and I own various MMOs. 

For PS3, I own a little of everything, but I'm probably playing a fighting game.

If you want to play something that I do own, then feel free to add me. I don't turn down invites ^w^

So, that's me in a nutshell... I'm always looking for new friends, so feel free to add me! I don't bite (much)... =3

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