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Hi my name is David and I have been watching and reviewing anime for just over two years now. I reviewed films before reviewing anime, so my analysis and review of anime is similar to how I review and look at a film.

Here is my Youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/pathofoblivion?feature=mhee - I review animes with the character 'Sex God', I portray him as someone with a really positive outlook on anime and (like me) he gets really emotional and sad easiler when watching animes that are build on sadness and depression; he reviews pratically any anime of any genre, from ecchi, to fantasy, to drama to comedy - whatever. The reviews are set in a way so the 'Sex God' character has a story ark through-out the review and there are other characters in the series, there are also many film references throughout the review, but I don't know if anyone will get them :)

What I mainly hate about most anime video reviewers is that they criticize animes based on there content, by that I mean 'fanservice' mainly the 'sexual fanservice', not the 'violent fanservice' no they're perfectly fine with that - so the 'Sex God' character only focuses on the aspects of story, character, animation, music ect with-out even lingering on that content much. I just got really annoyed with people who criticized Highschool of the Dead for it's 'sexual fanservice' despite all the death and violence in the anime - it's a double standard in anime reviewers that I find annoying.

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JapanFreak says...

seams that you like ecchi anime

i love it to check out my list http://www.anime-planet.com/users/narutofanatix/lists/26339

Oct 4, 2011
RedCrossRobbery says...

Ehh. Ecchi meaning "vulgar, suggestive, profane" blah blah blah, in of itself can hardly stand alone as a genre to me. Highschool IS an ecchi series, but first and formost a horror. I think because of how big ecchi has gotten with mainstream anime, it exists as it's own little subcategory. "Ecchi, yes or no" lol. And I've never seen school days, but I hear it's alot like "Clannad" which I started watching awhile back. Put it on pause for the time being, but I did enjoy it. My favorite anime in the entire world is called "Last Exile" and just because it had an "average" ending, people tend to bash it alot. They completely over look how brilliant the first 20 episodes are, and just say "Brilliant series that ended horribly. 3 out of 10." It's like... what the fuck? An ending is VERY important, but not 3 times more important then the rest of the series combined. Geeeeeez.

Sep 27, 2011
RedCrossRobbery says...

I personally use fan service to mean "nudity, fo the sake of nudity. Not being pivotle to the plotline". To me, The boy having sex with the first girl was fan service, as it didn't necesrilly MOVE the plot forward any, just continued the obvious path the small side arc with her took. However, I consider the sex scenes with his sister near the end actual plot devices, since they DID take the story off of it's proposed course. Highschool of the Dead isn't "fan service" because it's an ecchi series. It is a constant element, and is no longer a "service" being provided, you know? And I love a good heart-wrenching series, don't get me wrong. For all of my complaints of Elfen Lied, I will admit that I felt like crying when the second girl got her limbs ripped off, and was asking her "dad" if he was proud. I actually DID cry during the scene of Wolves Rain where the girl (Blue) died, and cried during Iwasawa's "My Song" on Angel Beats (Wonderful series if you haven't seen it already). Also Nana and Shiki got some good emotional registers from me. Even though we disagree almost completely on the series, I'm glad you feel strongly enough about it to debate. I've always been vocal about series I like, even when they aren't "popular" and it seems most people aorund here will take it as an opportunity to throw up some holier-than-thou anime attitude, and insult me; One chick actually told me "I don't think you actually watched the serious with full attention" as if the ONLY way I could have not liked the series, was by not being focused. I was like... bitch... if I wasn't seriously watching the series, I wouldn't have written a review, you know? Haha.

Sep 27, 2011
RedCrossRobbery says...

I just don't see it my friend. Every single arc seemed relative. He sees the girl, he slowly gains interest, and then they have sex. A cookie cutter harem/ecchi series, full of poorly scripted melodrama. Sora and her Brother? They had emotion that I could see, and a storyline that felt alive. The rest of the series just seemed filler to me. If I were to rate the series in ascending order, it only got better, but all but the final arc were borish and immature. It was melodrama for the sake of melodrama. Even the subject of incest wasn't well used as a plot device until the very end to me. AFTER they were caught, that is when the series first seemed to sprout legs to me. Prior to this point, every character was predictable, and to that extent unbelievable. The fact that the older brother saw essentially that what they were doing was wrong, and that it would be best for them to split up (Forgive me if that is wrong, it's been awhile since I saw it, but I think I recall correctly that that is how it played out) was very well played. I liked that he dove from feelings of lust towards his sister, into the much deeper feelings of a brother who cares about the well-being of his sister, and that by being so selfless in sending her away, he was showing that he didn't just love her as a girlfriend, he loved her as a sister too. THAT is the serious aspect of the incest device that I approved of. The obligiatory filler and sexual tension that built up over the series, and then finally appearing in the last episodes was nothing more than melodramatic fan service. For what it's worth, like I said earlier, I do believe the series ended on a very mature and well thought out note. I just thought the journey there was asanine and poorly paced, almost episodic. And of course I do respet your opinion, and I'm happy to have this debate with someone, I hope nothing I've said sounds like a shot at you, I wholeheartedly mean for this to be directed towards dicsussion of an anime between two intelligent humans, and not me trying to sound like a pretensious prick lecturing someone. I do appreciate the criticism, and sorry for the block of text... something is wrong with my formatting, and I cannot break up text :[

Sep 26, 2011
RedCrossRobbery says...

(responding to your comment on my YnS review)

The series (plot) took the subject seriously, the individual charaters dialogue and actions did not. They seemed just as naieve and imporbable as any harem series. I even mentioned that they used incest as a plot device very well. I was impressed that they approached the subject without the typical "WE CAN'T DO THIS! WE'RE RELATED! rawr rawr rawr we're doing it" that most of these series do. The storyline was not the problem (as I said, some moments were worthy of a 10 to me. Very heart-wrenching and melodramatic) and others were just boring. But Characters truly ruined the series. Just awful character writing, outside of Sora, most characters were unbelievable and vapid.

Sep 25, 2011