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Hi my name is David and I have been watching and reviewing anime for just over two years now. I reviewed films before reviewing anime, so my analysis and review of anime is similar to how I review and look at a film.

Here is my Youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/pathofoblivion?feature=mhee - I review animes with the character 'Sex God', I portray him as someone with a really positive outlook on anime and (like me) he gets really emotional and sad easiler when watching animes that are build on sadness and depression; he reviews pratically any anime of any genre, from ecchi, to fantasy, to drama to comedy - whatever. The reviews are set in a way so the 'Sex God' character has a story ark through-out the review and there are other characters in the series, there are also many film references throughout the review, but I don't know if anyone will get them :)

What I mainly hate about most anime video reviewers is that they criticize animes based on there content, by that I mean 'fanservice' mainly the 'sexual fanservice', not the 'violent fanservice' no they're perfectly fine with that - so the 'Sex God' character only focuses on the aspects of story, character, animation, music ect with-out even lingering on that content much. I just got really annoyed with people who criticized Highschool of the Dead for it's 'sexual fanservice' despite all the death and violence in the anime - it's a double standard in anime reviewers that I find annoying.

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Funkgun says...

Hey man, ran across your video on shigurui a little while back, and lo and behold your here on the site! aces man.  Complete agreement here. 

Feb 25, 2014
iiT3CK says...

To be honest I thought you might be my friend David, which is why I asked. Wasnt, trying to sound passive aggresive, was just curious. Thank you though, Ill hopefully be doin some more reviews soon. But between work and college ive been quite busy >.<

Jul 17, 2013
iiT3CK says...

hey, do i know you?

Jul 11, 2013
Raylord says...

 Well your rants crack me up completly mainly on how you stress out on one particular subject.

Jan 14, 2013
Raylord says...

 I've been watching your videos on youtube for some time now and I really enjoy you sense of humour.

Jan 12, 2013