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Aoi Hana

Feb 4, 2013


There's this shy girl who just moved back to the town she grew up in. She reunites with her childhood friend and they resume a friendship they thought had lost. Later the shy girl meets a boyish senior who all the lower grade students adore, because of course it's an all girls school. You've heard this before?  Not surprising really, why?  Because this is same story in every shoujo-ai. Aoi Hana does it good with a few subplots thrown into the mix to help keep things interesting. It's a very basic shoujo-ai story so it was mostly just a checklist anime.  Shy girl, check.  Childhood friend, check.  Boyish older girl, check. 


The story being drawn out across the eleven episodes causes the scenes to drag. The subtle movements and facial emotions, beautiful. Watching a woman paint for a bit with only the camera moving and a voice over...   Not my thing.  May be yours, but it isn't mine. The animation follows the slow pacing of the story. While beautiful to look at it does get boring.


 Such a beautiful song accompanied by the animation. The piano, the singer, that swell after the recap of the last episode.

The voice actor for Akira?  She matches personality, the way she looks, and brings the character to life. Sugimoto, typicl boyish girl in any anime. The voice actor brings a nice monotone voice to the character, matching her personality of being closed with everyone around her. Keeping her emotions to herself.  Fumi is the one I have a problem with. She's a shy girl, she would rather keep to herself. Her voice should be timid, and frail. 


Fumi is really a basic character model for shy girls. She even wears glasses and enjoys reading. It's hard to become emotionally attached to a character that is really defined by one word, shy. The only reason I was cheering for her at all is because she is one of the main protagonists. Akira is fun, outgoing, and a blabbermouth. 


If you want to finish out AP's shoujo-ai list, watch it. 

5/10 story
5/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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