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Monochrome Factor - Dropped

25 AUG

I'd decided tonight to watch one more episode of Monochrome Factor before deciding whether I wanted to continue watching or drop it... Unfortunately I picked a bad episode as it was easily the worst of the lot so far, and the previous episode had already been pretty awful. I had actually been enjoying the series early on, the first three episodes were entertaining enough, and I liked the humour a lot, heavy-handed as it may be. But from the fourth episode onwards it just got increasingly formulaic and predictable... to the point where I literally knew exactly how episode 8 would play out just minutes in.

I don't mind a series being episodic when it works, but with this genre it just doesn't sit right at all, the situations demand some kind of story progression, which this show was sorely lacking. There's only so many times I can read " Well, I don't really understand the situation, but we'd better fight them!" without thinking to myself "that's all well and good for you, but understanding the situation is what I'm bloody here for!"

I wouldn't even mind so much if it were at least a pretty series, with eye-popping fight scenes, but it is neither of these things. The character design is completely standard, and the quality of the animation is pretty poor, with fight scenes ending up being completely dull. As it stands the humour wore thin at around episode 5 and I refuse to sit through anymore of this to see if a plot ever materialises. So I guess I'll never know... Frankly I think I can live with that.

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babelguppy avatar babelguppy
Feb 15, 2010

i think most of your problem arises from the fact that this show was created before the manga was four, maybe even three volumes long.  this is evidenced by the fact that the villain that terroizes the group for a good three-fourths of the anime dies in the third of fourth volume of the manga... that and the dates.  this essentially amounts to a good 24 episodes of filler.

they couldn't take the anime in a very plot-relevant direction because it didn't exist yet.  the manga is now 8 volumes long.  the main character beats an explanation, and the the plot, out of shirogane in about the fourth volume.  but the fact that it takes that long is actually important to both character developement and the plot.

i don't know what you usually like to watch, but i found the anime interesting because i thought the characters were different and interesting and, yes, because i thought it was pretty.  granted, the animation was cheap and done by computers (what isn't these days?), but it was consistant, smooth, and i found it aesthetically pleasing.  i also liked it because it brings back the old-school "transformation sequence."

if you thought the concept was interesting, but got frustrated with the filler and skirting around the plot, i really recomend the manga.  plus, since the manga isn't shounen ai, you don't have to wade through that either.  just 100% character and plot. it saves the hijinx for the omake.

i'm sorry you were so disapointed.  but if you like the concept enough to give the series a chance to redeem itself, give the maga a shot.

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