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I watch almost any genre except for sports themed ones, unless they have some other genre in them. I don't have any permanent favourites, because it's usually is whatever I'm watching or reading at the time. I'm not picky about what I watch or read. Currently I'm watching animes mainly from the early 2000's.

I usually find out about animes from the music I listen to. So besides anime and manga, I love music; ethnic, europop, Jpop, classical, blues, etc. ... I don't really like country though. I also love to write, read (besides reading manga), swim and play my violin, though i don't have much time for my violin nowadays. I am also a Uni student, studying International Business.

I don't really keep a manga list on here since about half the manga's i've read, don't seem to be listed on here. But feel free to ask me about what i've read, like reading, etc.

Also, I've kinda shifted from manga to fanfiction, but i still try to keep up with my manga reading. *starts nervously tapping fingers together* I'm... just... not reading... as much... as...I used to... and i've been... dropping off... just a bit... on the anime... Wah!!! Please don't hit me! *covers head with hands* Oh you're not? Oh... good...

There. That enough random information?    

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Bub274 says...

Lol-zors my ninja skills need work....

Sep 19, 2010