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Hey there,

Im *le Darkdarkray from Switzerland and i freaking love animes and mangas. Lately I prefer mangas over animes just because I can stop anytime unlike animes. Sometimes I just want to watch one episode but then i end up watching half of the anime -.- That's a real problem for me *lol* because of that i prefer mangas.

yeah if you want to ask me something or just want to chat with me write me a message <3 also leave a (more or less) lovely comment :3

My favourite Anime at the moment would be Clannad (& obviously after story). That anime just .. I don't even know.. It just changed me a little bit inside. It's just an emotional rollercoaster. But you really need to watch it without any spoiler! That's very important in my opinion. Because it's such an awesome story and bwah I don't know!!! I just love it <3

My favourite Manga would be "Confidential Confessions #5" even if it's only 1 Volume there are more feelings than in many other Mangas. It hits deep inside you and it will not release you, untill you finally read it. This Manga was the most depressing and sad Manga I've ever read!

And yeah some other "things" *lol*

Add me in Battlefield3/Battlefield4: MrERaZ0R

osu!: Darkdarkray

and I LOVE Nightcore

Favourite song would be [...] (changes every week..)

btw. im 17 years old ^-^

And sorry for my "medium-level" english skills. Im from Switzerland so don't expect from me that everything is 100% correct, alright?


Watched but not listed:

Death Note                                                                                              Asia Movie

Death Note: The last Name                                                                 Asia Movie

Death Note: L change the World                                                       Asia Movie

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo OVA

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Kaera avatar Kaera

Thanks! ^_^

Jan 22, 2014


why would I mind you adding me? ;)

I'm from Basel :P

if I remember correctly we already fiscussed that in your introduction thread, then you should be from Bern, right? 

XxFunnYxX avatar XxFunnYxX


Dec 30, 2013

Well, most of the times, I usually play a lot of video games on the computer more often like MMORPG games for example. My favorite video game is probably WarTune because this game is like a magnet because I can't stop playing this game because there's a lot of fun features.

Here's a problem with my YouTube channel. I had couple videos marked with a copyright notices and I swear YouTube is extremely strict and I bet YouTube will get worse in 2014. The monetization is also strict because they keep a closer look on my video whenever I do it. So I had to stall my Youtube channel for now unless I feel like it. 

I'm sorta a amateur when it comes to rating animes though. :P

Oh yeah, if you want to watch the animes that I watched already, I recommend CrunchyRoll. Well I used the Roku system that has the app in there. Quarter of the animes I watched were from Netflix before the membership expired. 

So yeah, there you have it. :)

XxFunnYxX avatar XxFunnYxX


Dec 29, 2013

Hey. :D

I saw you in one of the character comments. I think I have the same interests as you including NightCore and I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure you're a video gamer. :P

I'm 16 years old btw. Most of the stuff I love about your profile is the avatar, the anime list, and the characters you've rated. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm sorta a derogatory character critic to only the characters I don't like including villains and stuff like that. But, it's just their opinion. 

Anyway, nice meeting you. I hope you don't mind about having such a long comment. :)

austin360fly avatar austin360fly


Dec 24, 2013
BushidoPizza avatar BushidoPizza

Thanks! ^_^

Nov 24, 2013

Thanks for friending me! Hope you don't mind I did the same

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