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I really like Anime but I'm not a full-time otaku, mostly because I can't find animes that will really interest me. My fav so far would be: Death Note, Texhnolyze, Tatami Galaxy, Space Cowboy, Paranoia Agent, Serial Experiments Lain and Neon Genesis Evangelion. ( I do have many others to watch though).

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Kaorichaos Apr 12, 2011

Yes saddly indeed it does, and i haven't decided what i would like to major in yet i would like to be a writer i imagine and a translator or teacher on the side. There are just so many different things to choose from ^^ It's hard to pick one. South Korea, they don't allow American's to even enter North Korea ^^ They hate us haha. I'm not so worried about earthquakes being a big deal. No matter where you live or go theres always risks involved i figure.

Kaorichaos Apr 11, 2011

Ahhh that really stinks. It's really hard to travel outside the country without help >< it's so much money. I'm hoping to go teach english in Korea or Japan.

LilMayar Apr 10, 2011

LOL we really are long lost twins.

A lot of people in America force christianity down people's throats using fear mongering and lately politics. Theres this right leaning political group known as the Tea Party that basically is like a fundamentalist christian group. It's really disgusting. They use their religion as a citation method for taking away the rights of women and non-believers.

LOL hahahi really want to do anesthesilogy. :p

Omg, i have always loved philisophy. I read a lot of locke, voltaire and montesquieu but my school doesnt offer a formal philisophy class :/ Maybe in college ill take some classes!

Haha, death note introduced me to the psychological genre, but it was shows like code geass, shiki and monster <3 that made me love it.

I've never watched desperate house wifes XD My favorite drama series is either make it or break it or Gossip Girl.

omg it only gets better, I promise. Johann the evil will steal ur soulzzzzzz!

And the good romance series include: kaze no stigma, clannaad and clannad after story, ef a tale of memories and skip beat plus sooooo many more. Fairy Tail is the next naruto if you know what I mean but the plot is better than naruto SO FAR. :)

LilMayar Apr 10, 2011

Sorry for the late response, I've been so busy lately and I didn't want to write a haphazard response to you D:

Anime really is starting to evolve, especially with the invention of HD tv's and the standardization of 720P on laptops, you can really see the animator's intents through their art.

Macedonia has always sounded like a really pretty country! :O I was raised muslim too! But, I'm not agnostic/deist and i do agree with you on the religion part. Seems like everyone will do anything to force their beliefs down your throat.

Being a doctor is going to take a while but maybe we can keep in touch and try and encourage each other :D

There are so many good romance series/series that incorporate romance that I love :) As a whole though, I try and avoid shounen/ecchi series. They disgust me. Except Fairy Tail although it really does annoy me at times.

haha my parent's were going to name me sophia but they didn't :( So now, I just go by zee. and Yes! I love south park haha and now its helped me learn your name :)

What's your favorite series of all time? :O I'm curious.

Kaorichaos Apr 9, 2011

Nah it's not annoying me. :) Have you ever thought of signing up for a program that lets you live with anouther countries family for a while or they don't offer that there? ^^ Also do you have anywhere you would rather go. I know i personally love the USA but i wouldn't mind living in S. Korea or Japan for a while just to see how it is.