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I really like Anime but I'm not a full-time otaku, mostly because I can't find animes that will really interest me. My fav so far would be: Death Note, Texhnolyze, Tatami Galaxy, Space Cowboy, Paranoia Agent, Serial Experiments Lain and Neon Genesis Evangelion. ( I do have many others to watch though).

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AtticWindow May 27, 2011

Ohhh, I see. My favorite word at the moment is "procrustean"; it's a very unforunate word to enjoy, since it's pretty much impossible to use without looking pretentious beyond belief. My favorite word/words change often, though I have a special affection for "p" words and "c" words in general : )

AtticWindow May 27, 2011

Wait, what? You mean the band "Dark Sarcasm" has an album titled "Attic Window"? That's beyond bizarre. I don't actually listen to them, I just happened to stumble across them on last.fm when I tried searching for your username under the assumption that it was DarkSarcasm. Oh, Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd! I haven't listening to them in quite a while.

Yea, the last episodes of NGE are the most interesting. Although, I'm not sure what I would have thought of them if I hadn't been prepared beforehand. They do really come out of left field, if I remember right (it's been a few years since I watched it).

My account name comes from the word Cellar Door, which is said to be the most beautiful in the english language. I'm sort of poking fun at it by using "Attic" instead of "Cellar" and "Window" instead of "Door".

AtticWindow May 26, 2011

Hm...I'm not really sure, is it a reference to Dark Sarcasm the band? You're about right regarding Snookie's speech, she spoke such memorable lines as "I love you bitches!" and "study hard, but party harder". Also, I just double checked it and realized that she was actually paid 32k not 60k...Toni Morrison was only paid 30k, heh.

Too bad that our last.fm compatibility is low haha, I was also going to recommend that you listen to cocorosie, but I see that you already do. You might try listening to the Sugarcubes, it was Bjork's band before she went solo. I don't recognize many of the artists in your library, so I'm going to start looking into them. My musical tastes are very broad so I'm sure I'll find some new artists that way.

I have watched NGE. I found it a bit overrated personally, but it was good. If you look at my list of hated anime characters, you'll find Shinji among them :P. He's just so whiny. The anime was definitely very original when it was first released though, and it has some interesting ideas and clever plot devices. Did you enjoy it?

It's the darkest points of my life that have been the most interesting and, ultimately, the most empowering. So yes, I agree. How is your name pronounced? Like titan?

AtticWindow May 26, 2011

Oh god, 'The Jersey Shore' is the bane of this state. Rutgers actually spent about 60,000 dollars, if I remember correctly, to comission a speech from Snookie to the students. A very wise use of student funds, as I'm sure you'll agree.

I didn't mean to suggest that "When Nietzsche Wept" is actually a good film. It misrepresents his philosophy in many ways and even his personality, but it's still very entertaining to see a movie like that about Nietzsche and it has its moments.

I do have a last.fm account; my username is AtticWindow :P. I'm rarely on it, but I do use it for recommendations and for organizing artists. Is it fair to assume that your last.fm username is DarkSarcasm?

"My suicidal tendencies have vanished recently but they might return back some day." - I know how that is. I've closed the door myself, but I can still see a shadow pressing on the window pane.

AtticWindow May 26, 2011

Ah true, Zarathustra is the first book of his that I ever read too, though I honestly think that it's probably best reserved for last haha; if only because it's the most difficult. It's definitely a potentially life changing book though and maybe his best in terms of style. I heard that he once called "Beyond Good and Evil" the accessible version of Zarathustra (to paraphrase), so it should be interesting to read one right after the other. There is a film about him called "When Nietzsche Wept", have you seen it? It's not a documentary, but an actual movie.

As for artists...hm...I can't quite pinpoint why but Soap&Skin reminds me a bit of Bjork, do you listen to her at all? Her music is generally much brighter than Soap&Skin, but there's something similar there...maybe it's just the accent XD. You might want to also check out Dredg if you haven't heard them, specifically the album "El Cielo", which is inspired by a Dali painting called "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening". Most of their other albums are good too, but stay away from the new one. Do you listen to any rap? I could recommend some philosophical rappers who you might like.

"The moments of utter anger and rebellion I feel towards society give meaning to my life." - at least you're transforming something negative into something valuable then haha. I used to get more angry about social structures and norms and so on, and it's still very frustrating, but now I also find it kind of exciting. It means that we see a problem which is invisible to, or at least ignored by, many, which means that there is something that we are uniquely suited to fix. I hope to eventually become a real philosopher and change the world with my ideas, so the more problems I see in society, the more motivated I become towards achieving that goal. It's probably ambitious to the point of arrogance, but I hardly find life worth living without a dream, and the bigger the dream the better haha.