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I am a 18 year old boy from a really shi**y part of the world. There is food and internet, and "democracy", but people here are so ignorant,close-minded and dumb. :)

I am a very serious,logical and philosophical dude, yet I love to make fun of myself and others. I can't really stand most of the youth in my place because they all think that cars and clothes are the meaning of life. -.-'

I really like Anime but I'm not a full-time otaku, mostly because I can't find animes that will really interest me. My fav so far would be: Death Note, Texhnolyze, Tatami Galaxy, Space Cowboy, Paranoia Agent, Serial Experiments Lain and Neon Genesis Evangelion. ( I do have many others to watch though).

Favorite Musicians: Radiohead, Fever Ray, Florence + the Machine, Soap&Skin, Esben and the Witch etc.

Favorite Books: The Stranger, The Trial, Waiting for Godot, Notes from the Underground, The Idiot, Crime and Punishment, Veronica decides to die etc...

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chico89 avatar chico89


Jun 19, 2011

thank u sooooo much i will try check these out........

chico89 avatar chico89


Jun 12, 2011

hi there.......i am new here and when i read about macedonia im writin to u cuz i have always that southern side of europe specially morovok lake (sorry i cant spell)can you plz recomend me a romance drama anime with mature looking  and adult guys like masumi hayami of glass mask........i would be grateful

AtticWindow avatar AtticWindow


Jun 12, 2011

Haha, yea good point. Although there are those who would argue that classifying such things as schizophrenia is a flaw of psychology rather than religion. After all, there are competing theories about what constitutes mental deviance and such psychological classifications can arguably be seen as mere social conformity devices. In other words, what's "wrong" with the "mentally ill" is that they think differently than most. Even in cases of hallucinations, at least at first glance, it looks like our only basis for deciding that someone is hallucinating is that she is seeing something which most of us don't. So we're assuming that the way most people think and percieve is "sane" or "functional" and that anyone who deviates from that is insane. I'm deliberately making the positive case for psychology weaker than it actually is, but there are definitely real worries about it. My brother is a psychologist and a close friend of mine was once committed to a mental institution, so I think about such things often.

You're certainly right about the distinction between belief in God and committment to religion. It's hard to coherently hold a belief in God by the religious (especially christian) definition, i.e. omnipotent-omnipresent-omniscient-omnibenevolent, but I've heard decent cases made for God's existence under different definitions. I'm agnostic myself, but with sympathies leaning more towards atheism than theism.

On a different note, I found a cool band yesterday who I think you might like. They're called "The Irrepressibles" and their album is titled "Mirror Mirror". They're kind of theatrical, but definitely dark and different.

Minai99 avatar Minai99


Jun 12, 2011

Hey, just fyi, I haven't forgotten about you. :p

MarkoSinadinovic avatar MarkoSinadinovic


Jun 7, 2011

I dont know if you understand Serbian so I will qwrite you in English. ^_^

It is quite a shame that so little people from Balkans are registered on this website, even dough there are many fans of anime in Serbia. Serial Experiments Lain are one of my favorite anime, I like those cyber-punk themes and overall animation is so good.

I have a huge collection of anime but I dont know if it is legal to give you download links here... :( But you can visit http://www.animefreak.tv/ and watch for free many anime series or OVAs.

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