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I really like Anime but I'm not a full-time otaku, mostly because I can't find animes that will really interest me. My fav so far would be: Death Note, Texhnolyze, Tatami Galaxy, Space Cowboy, Paranoia Agent, Serial Experiments Lain and Neon Genesis Evangelion. ( I do have many others to watch though).

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LilMayar Apr 3, 2011

I used to think the same thing however I've learned that many of the better psychological animes do indeed have aspects of many types of philisophy and psychology within them. It's more a matter of hunting for them and finding them rather then them being intelligently placed right before your eyes. I would argue that in the last few months, since I've started to move away from psychological animes, I've discovered some really great animes (none of which are psychological) that explore themes much better than some other animes of the psycholigcal genre did.

hahaha yea I'm excited to turn 18 and finally go to college. lol dont worry though I won't be in NYC too long, I'm going to be going to pennsylvania for college pretty soon.

Monster is soo worth the sufferin of slow internet! Its such a deep anime, by far the best anime I have EVER watched. If you want a shorter series thats psychological try shiki or elfen lied (the latter of which is kind of echhi-ish).

Dont worry xD  alot of people on this site illegally download them. Most do actually. There's a couple of great torrent sites I use like BakaBT and Nyaa.eu that are reallly really good. Actually, I stopped watching series that don't have 720p versions simply because the quality of an anime and its animation are just as integral to the anime's success as its plot.

I read kafka's metamorphasis! It was amazing. Still though, my favorite classic lit books would have to be Frankenstein (mary shelley) and The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexander Dumas) [btw there's an AMAZING anime about the book called Gankutsuo HIGHLY reccomend you watch it]

LilMayar Apr 2, 2011

hahah It's nice to meet you!

I love psychological anime xD I wish there was more of it cause it's so well thought out :P

and Oh my god I LOVED the stranger! we seem to have a lot in common xD