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I really like Anime but I'm not a full-time otaku, mostly because I can't find animes that will really interest me. My fav so far would be: Death Note, Texhnolyze, Tatami Galaxy, Space Cowboy, Paranoia Agent, Serial Experiments Lain and Neon Genesis Evangelion. ( I do have many others to watch though).

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Kaorichaos Apr 8, 2011

Ah yea. It's more pricey here for manga than in japan. Here it's about ten dollars a book. Which isn't that much.  (Depending on what you want to spend your money on) haha. ^^ Maybe it will be worth alot but i don't think i'll ever sell them hehe. I like having them. I keep them all in alphabetical order and everthing. lol. I'm surprised shipping is so much for you. Because i buy things from japan all the time and it's not that bad. Is it your country making the shipping so much higher? They have things in the usa where if you order over so much money in books the shipping is free. So usually i'll wait till i've saved up to buy. Or go to a used book store to get them so its only 4$ a book ^^

Kaorichaos Apr 8, 2011

Haha i will be, i've been very active on this site since i first joined about a year ago. Yea i buy all the manga i read. I have two big shelves in my room i just had to buy a new one because i couldn't fit all my DVD's and Manga on the same one anymore ^^; I live in the U.S.A. on the east coast. Saddly because of the recession many book stores have closed so there isn't one for 35 minutes driving but now i just have to order them online. ;P Or go for a drive haha. Though one of the main reasons i buy not just read online is i like to collect them ^^ 

Minai99 Apr 7, 2011

Hi there DarkSarcasm. I saw your comments on Kaorichaos' page, and thought I'd introduce myself. It doesn't seem as though you've seen many shows at this point, but I would definitely have to agree with kaorichaos that Rin from mnemosyne and Motoko from ghost in the shell are awesome characters.  I would probably recommend watching GITS SAC before seeing mnemosyne, though, as mnemosyne has high levels of violence and sexual situations, and I'm not sure how you take to that. As always, if you are looking for a dark, gritty, yet ultimately beautiful show that respects both men and women, then I recommend Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners. It is a series of 7 movies that can best be described, in my view, as Ghost in the shell mixed with Witch hunter robin, and additional suspense and philosophical undertones.

Kaorichaos Apr 7, 2011

You'll have to tell me what you think after you watch some of it ^^ Most animes i watched when i was younger i didn't know they were animes like "My Neighbor Totoro." ect. Then i actually really got into the whole thing when i was older and started to read mangas. That's how i started actually getting into anime :P

LilMayar Apr 6, 2011

hahaha YES! I love monster it's my favorite series and by far the most interesting series i've watched. Although, I started watching currently airing animes this year and its hard to keep track of all of them but I need to expand my views of anime xD.

:O I didn't know you lived outside the United States! What country do you live in? And, unfortunately, in my country becoming a doctor is a real pain in the ass and wastes a lot of years of your life. :(

Hahaha there's so many series I want to reccomend to you but I don't want to overwhelm you xD I'm watching a psychological series by the name of Kaiji! It's so brilliantly done. I really do like the series. Aw man, it sucks that you hate romance, there are some must see romance series that every anime watcher needs to watch like Clannad etc.

My name is Zeb but no one ever calls me that xD I go by the nickname of Zee :)

Is it pronounced dry-ton? Or dree-tan? D:

Sorry haha, but its a nice name :) Really unique. (i'm one to talk)