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Hello there! My name is Alice and my real age is actually 12 xD Yes, I am pretty much a still-a-kid of what people says *Coughs*

I'm a random and normal girl who enjoys doing random things. I'm a part-time AMV editor and I edit AMV's with almost any Animes! xD If you don't mind, please take a look at my AMV's and subscribe if you like them OwO My YouTube username is HotaruhiKusaki.

And please bear this in mind that I DO NOT accept random friend invites in YouTube. Read my description of 'About Me' and you will know why. However, I do love to meet new people here so you can send me friend invites if you want since this is different from YouTube. xD

I love Mangas more than Animes xD Yo, who doesn't? =w= I also love to role-play, read Mangas and chat lol! xDD I have MSN, Yahoo and Skype but that's only for close friend xD Ask if you want them =O

And also, I have a life outside my computer that involves a school, homeworks and studies. So please understand that even though I use most of my time using the computer. xDD Cause I have a life inside the computer involving AMV editting, chatting and many more. xD

I also like the following genres of Mangas: Shounen, Shoujo, Shounen-Ai, Shoujo Ai, Fantasy, Slice Of Life, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Romance, Mystery

Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE romance fangirl and I mean it 100% literally. I like all kind of romance genre, Shounen-ai, Shoujo, Shoujo-Ai, maybe some Shounen. But I really hate Harem, Ecchi, Incest and most of all, Hentai. I mean, I love softcore Shounen-Ai but not too hardcore.

And I practically is confused with all the options here so I won't be adding any Animes or Mangas to my list, I guess. If you really wanna see, then go to MyAnimeList. My username is DarkRabbitReaper. :)

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Poishi Dec 15, 2009


I hope you enjoy here :)))

Omurqi Dec 15, 2009

Welcome to Anime-Planet!

Enjoy your stay here ^_^

Kari5 Dec 15, 2009

If you have a MyAnimeList account, you can import your list to this site, so you don't have to add all the anime you've seen one-by-one. Just go your anime tab on this page, and you'll see an "+ import anime list" use it to import your anime list file taken from MAL. (if that doesn't make sense, just message me and I'll try to explain better)

LovelyWickedDescet Dec 15, 2009

Hello Alice, and welcome to A-P. A nicely written profile, also.