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※ http://www.youtube.com/user/Warrior300000 - the favorite'd vids of mine are always updating and expanding. as i am Quite the youtube Maniac. lol

http://www.wireclub.com/users/darkmakor/about - add me, talk to me on wire! it's lonely over there anyway!

※ http://www.spirit-of-metal.com/membre/info_membre-pseudo-DarkMakor-d-6-l-en.html#Favorites <--- Copy/Paste Trust me it works.

※ https://goreshit.bandcamp.com/

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I Love the Colours Red & Black. And like the Colours Blue & Black Equally the same.

The thing about color for me is i don't like a color by itself unless black is there with it, the color itself would have to look a certain way for me to like it. For example: Neon lights are what make a color i like perfect, or if the color is dealing with something else [like paint] then it'd have to be in a perfect shade or lighting for me to like it.

I Hate any Ruined Music
For Example: Anything on the Music Mainstream "Like the Radio." is Ruined Music.
I Hate any Bad Music Because it makes me bleed on the insides Usually if music is bad at all, it all depends on who the artist is.

These are the genres I hate the most.
Repetitive Music. [Depends on the kind Though!]
And of course Country.

I also Hate any Trashy Metal
For Example I Hate:
Pop Metal
Glam Metal
Hardcore/Screamo "The only Real Screamo i like is the kind in nintendocore or something like "A Beautiful lotus."

Other than that, I love all other music. [I Could just be Lazy When i say that but oh well. x.x]

I am very musically connected with my feelings. I am also strongly connected with my Anger and Sadness, I'm also still trying to Master how to connect myself to Darkness. I've already found alot of things on a dark level already. Heres something you can read on a Dark Level.

Dark days of crimson skies and fields of those forsaken.
The king that called for a higher brand of suffering be inflicted.

His masses bent to serve his lust
His will to impale all who oppose
With force driven through a wooden pole
Death would not come so soon for most

Forced through the anus smashing through internal organs
Splinters tearing tissue, ripping through the sinew gushing pus
Some were pulled with force, causing blood to shower the fertile ground
Some were left to slowly drift, inch by inch, day by day
Breathing while the stake would slowly pierce through their body
Feeling every ounce of ungodly pain, completely coherent

Day one the spike will pierce the stomach's inner wall
The victim will defecate from the hell bestowed upon
Day two the spike runs through the diaphragm into the throat
The uncontrollable twitching cannot prepare to the day that follows

Day three's come, suffering taken to unreal heights
The spike emerged from the mouth, and the pig is stuck
Eyes forced up to watch the sky and the bloodstained tip
Forced in place to suffer as death slowly creeps in

The prince of darkness gazes proudly
A field of impaled ten thousand strong
Suffering of unparalleled proportions
To strike fear into hearts of purity.


And i can't believe this never occurred to me. but after 2 and a half years i'm going to add-on this VERY IMPORTANT piece of information!

My Preferred Anime Character Tag is Stoic For me it Depends on the type of Stoic it is.

I'd much more Prefer it as a Female Stoic and a Main Character. Some Guy Stoic's are ok too.

Ones that are pretty inspirational to me are.

1. Night Wizard - Akari HIMURO - All Time Favorite Stoic Character by far

2. Angel Beats! - Tenshi

3. Guilty Crown - Inori YUZURIHA

4. Black Cat - Eve

5. The Big O - R. Dorothy WAYNERIGHT

3 Stoic's in particular are ones i try to stay away from.

Jigoku Shoujo A.K.A. Hell Girl - Ai ENMA - I believe she's missing her Broken Record tag she's one of the more boring Stoic's i've ever seen. but her design is simply gorgeous.

Date a Live - Origami TOBIICHI - Annoying in that she was so persistant in killing the Spirits. not to mention never looked at anything from an Analytical point of view.

Wolf Children - Nirasaki - He may have the Stoic tag but you see. in the end all he was was a grumpy old man and he was abit of a bastard at first but Stoic's that fall under his category aren't my thing. [Elderly and Stoic don't mix well. lol.]

so when it comes down to watching anime i weed it out by whatever's the next big thing out there. Anime Planets Ranking Chart is good to refer to on rare occasion.

and my 5 key Filters i use to find anime would be.

1. Do not watch anything before 2005 or 2006 Try to stick to the current year as close as possible the margin being 2005 or 2006 to the current year.

2. Pick A Favorite Anime Studio! - This is essential since you have animated movies like Spirited Away from 2001My Neighbor Totoro from 1988, and Castle in the Sky from 1986! all being under the same anime studio! but other than that my favorite modern day anime studio would probably be Manglobe

3. Click any Interesting looking anime on Anime Planets Home Page. Since it is always changing.

4. Look For Main Characters or Secondary Characters being Stoic Characters.

5. Browse Youtube Comment Sections related to anime vids. [this works on rare occasion as well.]

and one other thing i do. To find other good anime is to simply follow funimations youtube channel it seems at least 2 - 3 times a month they have something new coming out.

and... yeah you could say i'm a fan of english dub. because i follow FUNimation and all but that's only because i have a handful of english VA's that i simply love to watch in anime. if i had to, i could say the top 5 are...

1. Laura BAILEY

2. Eric VALE

3. Monica RIAL

4. Michelle RUFF


but there's also the annoying one's. "the C-listed one's" that i have. one being a D-List, which i dare not name. -.- ... ok i'll name 5 pretty bad ones. lol.


2. Blake SHEPARD

3. J. Michael TATUM


5. Bill FLYNN


My Top 10 Anime Studios!

1. Manglobe

2. P.A. Works - Collabs with - the TBS

3. Studio Deen - Collabs with - the TBS

4. J.C.Staff - Collabs with - the TBS




8. Bones

9. Toei Animation

10. Studio Ghibli


Status: Watching: Bleach - Dub

Currently Watching the Following:

1. Bleach - Dub

2. All Naruto Movies - Dub

3. Mirai Nikki TV - Dub

4. Guilty Crown - Dub

5. Sword Art Online - Sub>Dub

6. BlazBlue: Alter Memory - Sub

7. Parasyte -the maxim- - Sub

8. Tokyo Ghoul - Sub

9. To Aru Majutsu no Index Movie - Dub

10. Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie - Dub

But yeah. You could say i'm a fan of english dub. even if it's like 3 - 4 years behind current anime's and can't hit them all because there's too many. but i also love my subbed anime too... ^.^! if Anime Planet had another option like "did you watch this in subs or dubs?" anybody could easily see how i watch my subs and dubs. it would also make things easier to recommend. lol

Also since The Top 3 "favorite and least favorite" genre lists don't give the full list of genre's to pick from my Top 10 Favorite Genre's would have to be.

1. Violence

2. Explicit Content Explicit Sex

3. Action

4. Post-apocalyptic

5. Gore

6. Mature Themes

7. Mindf*ck

8. High Stakes Games

Sci Fi and Fantasy are actually number's 9 and 10 -.-

and these are my Top 5 least favorites

1. Yaoi

2. Otaku Culture

3. Sports

4. Family Friendly

5. Shounen


Well that's pretty much how i watch anime in a nutshell. NOW IT'S TIME TO GIVE THIS DESCRIPTION FLAVOR WITH PRETTY PICTURES AND VIDEOS! c: ...!

here are afew of my cool pictures i ripped from anime and google images. and... other sources

Haiyore Nyaruko-san W - Castle of Onyx [Grand Finale]

^---- Haiyore Nyaruko-san W - Castle of Onyx - Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W

Higurashi - Possessed Hanyuu

^---- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai - Hanyuu... is that you?

Suigintou - Rozen Maiden

^---- Suigintou - Rozen Maiden - Rozen Maiden - Suigintou

^---- My Hellsing Tribute

^---- My Angel Beats! Tribute

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Gosick says...

Wtf music do you like? Norwegian black metal? You're probably the most deep and edgy weeb I've ever seen.

Aug 25, 2015
deltanine says...

He has his "Sadistic" tag now.

Jun 9, 2015
Aniplex says...

Oh the panada the truth is...

i don't know where it is from to i was just looking at some funny anime gif and i stumbled upon it!!!!

but if i do find the anime i will tell you!!!!

May 13, 2015
Aniplex says...

Hey thanks for following me!!!! hope we can become great friends and share are anime love!!!!!!!!

May 11, 2015