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Hello anime-lovers,

I love anime I watch it as long I can remenber.  My first anime that I watched was Sailor Moon, Pokemon and  Yu-GI-Oh!.

I like anime because it is fun to watch and there happen things that can't in real live ;P. Further i like to listen to the opening and ending songs.

Likes: food, sleeping, watch anime and other series, drawing, puzzles 100 pices, martial arts. 

Music: I'm a huge fan of SHINee there te best band ever <3 I love all there songs !! Further listen to koreaon pop and japanese pop and what I like from top 40 NL and POPasia.

Hobby: Gaming, drawing, reading, martial arts, sleeping.

Games: My fav games are Final Fantasy, Kingdom hearts. The one i like the most from Final fantasy are Final Fantasy VII & crisis core and FFXIII, FFXII-2 they have the best music and a great storyline.

Sports: Wing chun, Teakwondo, swimming.

Favorite color: purple there is nothing to dislike purple

Language: Dutch, Englisch, German.

Language i want to learn: Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

My rating is how much i like a anime under the 3 stars i drop most of the time the anime. 3-3,5 stars good it, 4-4,5 stars like 5 stars I love it.

If you have some good recomments just tell me.


ps. there are more anime i have seen but they aren't here on the site.


Avatar The last airbender       origin American        61 episodes  3 seasons     5 stars watched 4x

Avatar: The legend of korra    origin American        24 episodes  2 seasons     3,5 stars

Huntik                                 origin Italian            52 episodes   2 seasons     5 stars

Series is like

vampire diaries



gohst wispers



CSI: new york


Once upoun a time

Site to watch anime


fav chars



Games I love

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom hearts birth by sleep

Lighting returns

Band I love


my life spent on anime

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January 7, 2010

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total anime ratings: 437

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Brown avatar Brown


Nov 4, 2011

I'm so sorry for not noticing your comment earlier! I've been really busy with school lately, so I haven't been checking here often. >.< With the holiday now, I've returned to my anime-obsessed schedule, so all's well again. ^^

Thanks for the compliment and wishes~ Hope you enjoy watching anime as well~ ^^

sandbecca avatar sandbecca


Oct 9, 2011

Hey, Denise how are you?


Rebecca :)

MasatoMomota avatar MasatoMomota


Oct 1, 2011

If they remade FFVII to be like Crisis Core.. that would be epic! lolYeah the graphics in FFVII weren't all that great.. =P

Ah, yeah same here its been a while since I last drew anything. =( A black angel? That would be cool to see. =o I been thinking of drawing something lately, but I'm just not sure what and never have the time. =\

Esper26 avatar Esper26

Thanks! ^_^

Sep 30, 2011

good, you?

Esper26 avatar Esper26

Tell Me About Yourself!

Sep 29, 2011

Hi, by the way graet list.

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