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Hello anime-lovers,

I love anime I watch it as long I can remenber.  My first anime that I watched was Sailor Moon, Pokemon and  Yu-GI-Oh!.

I like anime because it is fun to watch and there happen things that can't in real live ;P. Further i like to listen to the opening and ending songs.

Likes: food, sleeping, watch anime and other series, drawing, puzzles 100 pices, martial arts. 

Music: I'm a huge fan of SHINee there te best band ever <3 I love all there songs !! Further listen to koreaon pop and japanese pop and what I like from top 40 NL and POPasia.

Hobby: Gaming, drawing, reading, martial arts, sleeping.

Games: My fav games are Final Fantasy, Kingdom hearts, Tales series, Ateliers series. The one I like the most from Final fantasy are Final Fantasy VII & crisis core and FFXIII, FFXII-2 they have the best music and a great storyline.

Favorite color: purple there is nothing to dislike purple

Language: Dutch, Englisch, German.

Language I want to learn: Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

My rating is how much i like a anime under the 3 stars I drop most of the time the anime. 3-3,5 stars good it, 4-4,5 stars like 5 stars I love it.

If you have some good recomments just tell me.




ps. there are more anime I have seen but they aren't here on the site.



Avatar The last airbender       origin American        61 episodes  3 seasons     5 stars watched 4x

Avatar: The legend of korra    origin American       12 episodes  Air              4.5  stars

Avatar: The legend of korra    origin American       12 episodes  Spirit          0.5  stars

Avatar: The legend of korra    origin American       13 episodes  Change          5  stars

Avatar: The legend of korra    origin American       13 episodes  Balance          5  stars

Huntik                                  origin Italian           52 episodes   2 seasons     5 stars


The bride of the water god                                 Chapter 141            ungoing

Series is like

Vampire diaries

Rizoli and Iles



CSI: new york


Once upoun a time



Site to watch anime


fav chars






The world is beautiful.
Even when they are filled with sadnessnand tears.
Open your eyes, do what you wish to do.
Become what you want to be, make friends.
Don't rush and take your time in becoming an adult.


When your ten they call you a prodigy. 

Wheb your fifteen they call you a genius

Once you hit 20, you're just an ordinary person

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Kirito09 May 26, 2015

What character do you like most from Naruto? ^^

Kirito09 May 26, 2015

Very good taste I see! (and had a huge crush D. Magician Gril...) 

She should have her own anime or something.

Sorry for making you make that list if it was to much xD

Nice you put your favorite movie in of course it FF :D (Liked it to)

Well I don't have a favorite anime movie but if I had to put one then it would be something like Naruto or DBZ movie ;)


Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru (Don't know why but this anime got me by surprise it is well made and intersting)

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works TV  (A very good fighting, comedy and a little romance, watching the older ones would make more since to understand the anime but I have no problem with it tho xD) 


Log Horizon

Magi and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (same series but with s2)

And I added Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai to watch list so I can watch later :) (I would recommend some of the animes above or some from my list xD)

Kirito09 May 23, 2015

Hi I can see you like Kingdom Heart and FF series, they are also my favorites!

What anime do you like most? (top 5 would be fine ^^)

flyingmongoose Apr 22, 2015

oh, i'm only interested in older stuff and a few new things. 

flyingmongoose Apr 21, 2015

Most of it was during high school. Grades suffered hard.