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Hello anime-lovers,

I love anime I watch it as long I can remenber.  My first anime that I watched was Sailor Moon, Pokemon and  Yu-GI-Oh!.

I like anime because it is fun to watch and there happen things that can't in real live ;P. Further i like to listen to the opening and ending songs.

Likes: food, sleeping, watch anime and other series, drawing, puzzles 100 pices, martial arts. 

Music: I'm a huge fan of SHINee there te best band ever <3 I love all there songs !! Further listen to koreaon pop and japanese pop and what I like from top 40 NL and POPasia.

Hobby: Gaming, drawing, reading, martial arts, sleeping.

Games: My fav games are Final Fantasy, Kingdom hearts. The one i like the most from Final fantasy are Final Fantasy VII & crisis core and FFXIII, FFXII-2 they have the best music and a great storyline.

Favorite color: purple there is nothing to dislike purple

Language: Dutch, Englisch, German.

Language i want to learn: Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

My rating is how much i like a anime under the 3 stars i drop most of the time the anime. 3-3,5 stars good it, 4-4,5 stars like 5 stars I love it.

If you have some good recomments just tell me.




ps. there are more anime i have seen but they aren't here on the site.


Avatar korra book 3              episode 3                        13 episodes            5 stars

Winx club season 6               episode 16


Avatar The last airbender       origin American        61 episodes  3 seasons     5 stars watched 4x

Avatar: The legend of korra    origin American       12 episodes  book air       4.5  stars

Avatar: The legend of korra    origin American       12 episodes  spirit            0.5  stars

Huntik                                 origin Italian            52 episodes   2 seasons     5 stars


The bride of the water god                                 Chapter 140            ungoing

Series is like

vampire diaries



gohst wispers



CSI: new york


Once upoun a time


Site to watch anime


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sandbecca says...

Hey, how are you? With me it's good.

Has anything exciting this summer for you?

Or maybe the way some interesting anime?

I can not find good, just mediocre.

I hope it is well with you and that you write to me soon :D

Big Hugs!


Oct 9, 2012
Purplefeeling says...

from a local hostel, here some recommendations, i just checked your TV list without the ovas and films, so forgive me if you have seen some :p :

spice and wolf, katanagari, kara no kyoukai alle films,steins;gate (heb gezien dat je gedropped hebt, nochtans geniaal na de eerste episode), amagami ss,xxxholic, tsubasa chronicle,

rest komt later, nu eten

Sep 21, 2012
Purplefeeling says...

<body id="tinymce" class="mceContentBody " contenteditable="true" spellcheck="false" dir="ltr"><p>in nederland beginnen jullie vroeger met school zeker? bij ons begint unief pas de laatste week van september :) aangezien ik nog op vakantie ben in sweden is het niet vanzelfsprekend om op me gsm te zoeken tussen me 5 sterren anime, vanaf maandag kan ik je wel wat van men klassiekers doorgeven ;)<p>grtz from stockholm

Sep 21, 2012
nickeleh says...

gelukkig zijn er weekende waar je nog iets kan uitslapen :P

maar ik weet niet echt nog wat ongoing anime's want ik heb al een hele tijd niet gekeken korra was de laatste die ik heb gezien. maar ik ga er weer aan beginne maar was uit mn ritme dankzij 1,5 rijstijd in de ochtent naar school en ook nog  1,5 uur terug. dus had gelijk een stuuk minder tijd :/

maar als ik iets goeds vind zal ik het wel zeggen. maar alvast succes met zoeken :p

Sep 14, 2012
Shaon says...

Toch gewaagt aan sora no otoshimono.

Had ik niet verwacht :P

Sep 13, 2012