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Shugo Chara!


i love this anime. Amu is soo funny i love her cool and spicy character. and Ikuto omg i love him he is soo hot and those cat ears i love it :D and the music he makes with his violin :O (L). soo funny when Ikuto teasses amu and when tadase become really jealous when Ikuto with Amu is. I really don't mind when like epi 14 in shugo chara  doki Ikuto lies in my bed when i come home :P

genius epi 10 Shugo Chara Party!

amu celphone rings. amu picks up phone: hello

Ikuto: bonsoir

amu: what who is this.

Ikuto: always with the cold shoulder. have you forgotten my voice already?

amu: uu uu IKUTO!!!

Ikuto: correct

yoru: it has been a while nya

ikuto are you doing well

amu sure well

ikuto well what?? tadase dumped you or something?

amu(arrow in her heart she thinks tadasu has a other girl).

ikuto seriously?

amu it seems he found a girl he likes or something.. he said she was really cute.

ikuto: i'd console you if i was there. i'd kiss you, and hug you, and everythin else..

amu's head turns red

ikuto haha you just blushed now, didn't you?

omg soo lol :D i don't mind that Ikuto console me :D

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