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papasmurf886 says...

 lol thanks for the links...and as far as the cd goes...surprise me....o ya me and julie broke up, id txt u but my phones off atm,lol...either way long story short she said she was moving out and i dumped her ass...lol perfect example of "lifes a bitch, shit happens, then u die"...lol but its more like "lifes a bitch and so is she" right now

Nov 14, 2012
papasmurf886 says...


lol luckily for u this same place has toradora! ...and fate/zero light novels along with haruhi....ur welcome

Oct 14, 2012
papasmurf886 says...

dude it really exsists!!! u gotta see this!!!!

check out both urls



Aug 14, 2012
papasmurf886 says...

clannad AS moves up to #6, woot!!!lol just thought u'd wanna kno...lol and clannad is #68...wasn't it highier before resently?

Apr 1, 2012
papasmurf886 says...

"yo yo yo its akio!!!" lol u gotta expand ur character love/hate list...btw L from deathnote is the most loved character and yuka from elfen lied is the 32nd most hated out of over 30,000characters...lol everyone hates on yuka...idk im bored and i killed a bunch of time goin through the character list=)...o ya incase u dont know its anthony

Mar 19, 2012