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Welcome person who is reading this. I'm DarkAngelWJ, people call me Dark or WJ so pick one whichever suits you calling me.

I'm a guy who likes Anime, playing PC games and play music.

The instruments that I currently play are the piano and guitar.

More about me:

I started playing piano when I was 5 years old and the guitar around 2 years ago.

My hobby as 'Anime watcher' started around 4 years ago, I used to be around in Pokémon chat rooms often and a couple of people I knew back then thought me what Anime was.

I then learned that the so called cartoons that I've watched when I was younger (Pokémon for most of the time) was actually an Anime and I came to be more drawn to it.

Pokémon was probably my favorite game franchise and probably still is, so I have to thank mainly Pokémon for helping me find an amazing hobby, Anime.

So back to the music instruments. What also interested me in Anime are the BGMs that were played. The first Anime I've completely watched is the .hack// franscise. Yuki Kajiura had composed amazing pieces for the Anime. So I started looking the sheets up and my love for piano was strengthened.

Later when I've watched more Anime I had developed some love for the guitar. Mainly because of the OP/EDs guitar covers I've watched on YouTube. Thus I begun trying to play the music on an acoustic guitar my mom barely used (because she preferred her classic one).

Playing the guitar was surprisingly easy for me, especially when reading tabs. But I felt like I really needed an electric guitar to make the sound as it should be. So I began asking my mom over and over again to receive one. Eventually I got my first electric guitar on my birthday in 2013. And I could finally do what I wanted.

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Check out my latest cover:

[ Philosophyz - Mizutani Runa (NanosizeMir) from Rewrite]


An example of me playing guitar.

[This Will Be the Day - Jeff Williams from RWBY]


Have a nice day everyone and have fun watching Anime.

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XTacticalKoalaX says...

I use play a lot a steam games when my computer was working but it broke.

i would also play alot of fps games but im not really planning on getting a new one because im saving for the ps4.

i would also play a awful lot of g-mod and team fortress.

im not really familiar with a lot of hack n slash games other than ninja gaiden if you can consider that a hack n slash.

would u recomend any?

Jul 24, 2013
XTacticalKoalaX says...

What type of games and what console??

Jul 24, 2013
PurpleCatAngel says...

Welcome to AP.:)

Jul 24, 2013