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Don't be shy. talk to me and check out my blog for the ATTH story.

Here's my new album I've recorded... all instruments, vocals, lyrics and production made by me.

"If you don't live for something, You'll die for nothing"

Name: Daro/Akuma
Zodiac: Fishes (that can't swim... but they love to play Heroes Of Might And Magic 3)
Occupation: Lazy musician/writer of offensive lyrics/guitarist/drummer/Human, that learns... things
Pets: older brother & sister :3
Religion: don't believe in any shit called god, satan or afterlife~
Languages: Polish, English, Mordor
Likes: technical death metal, nu-metal, rap, deathstep, punk, writing stories, concerts, Anime, Manga, PC games, darkness, moonlight, eating ice cream, singing, sleeping, recording music etc. ^^
Dislikes: Pop, Techno, Power Metal, Society, Disco, Sun, Crowded places :P
Dreams: Become immortal, have a true friend *O*

My first animes were Beyblade (still one of my favs), Gintama (The best anime I've ever watched :D) and Black Lagoon (Well it's badass) Next were FMA, FMA: Brotherhood (watching it every year), Helsing OAV, Beelzebub  and others ;)

Here you can find my list of bands that i like :D (i got all of their albums)

Here's my facebook if you want to add me there as a friend :3

You can listen to my ambient album here (=^_^=)

My musical project is called Akuma Rising, at first it was ambient, but now it's metal

I have a soundcloud account, you can jam my music there too ^-^


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blackkitsune says...

Oh, including your mother? I am just exhausted and I have taken another job so we shall see how I manage. My parents have left me dog sit too - I don't like being responsible for her or the house.  

Jul 6, 2016
blackkitsune says...

Shame. Do you want to spend time with them? 

Jul 5, 2016
blackkitsune says...

If it's any consolation even my friend that I see all the time I have been utterly rubbish at replying to them too. That's a bit annoying that your not able to sleep every night. My parents are going to Germany this week so I'll be on my own with toad (the dog) and working mainly. I am not that badly injured more like annoyances, I have already got scoliosis and it has caused my shoulder muscles to be a bit warped and prone to injury which I now got but it's normal for me now. The other was I seem to have sliced my finger on a knife at work but I didn't actually notice until I spent a minute trying to work out way there was red liquid appearing on the dishes I was putting away (I was flagging a lot by then) and I seem to have burnt the tips of all my fingers. 

Is it nice seeing your family though despite the partying? 

Jul 3, 2016
blackkitsune says...

Oh damn, not replied on time again. I feel really bad.

How are you? Hope you are having a better weekend than me. Or night even. I am so exhausted from work and in pain from injury's from work. 

Jul 2, 2016
blackkitsune says...

Yeah I get people take what I write the wrong way a lot since I tend to be rather sarcastic and jokey but sometimes they take it seriously and then its a whole mess of explanations. 

I have another year so I will graduate next June since I am taking a Hons Degree. I technically got my degree this year. 

Jun 27, 2016