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"If you don't live for something, You'll die for nothing"

Name: Derek
Nicknames: Daro, Dario97, Akuma, A-chan~, Słodziak :P
Born: 7th March 1997 (When darkness came xD)
Blood type: 0
Zodiac: FIshes (Fuck yeah xD)
Height: 190cm
Weight: didn't check xD
Hair: black (13 years ago pure white like Dante from DMC xD)
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Lazy musician/writer of offensive lyrics/Human, that learn... things xD
Location: Poland, in city where Sauron lives xD
Pets: older brother xD
Religion: don't believe in any shit called god, satan or afterlife
Languages: Polish, English, Deustch, Japanese :P
Likes: death metal, coffee, writing stories, concerts, Anime, Manga, PC games, darkness, moonlight etc. ^^
Dislikes: Pop, Techno, Disco, Sun, Crowded places, annoying people and Bieber :P
Dreams: Become immortal, have a true friend *O*

Well, my first animes were Beyblade (it was so long time ago, that i even don't remember), Gintama (The best anime i watched :D) and Black Lagoon (Well it's badass) Next were FMA, FMA: BrotherhoodHelsing OAV, Beelzebub  and others ;)

Well, here you can find my list of bands that i like :D (i got all of their albums)

Here's my facebook if you want to add me there as a friend :3


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HezaSan says...

Thnks for following me :)

Sep 28, 2015
AnimeYaoiFreak says...

Thanks for following me back :3 Haha My page must seem wired (=^_^=) What's you favoutie Anime?

Sep 27, 2015
UsagiDandere says...

I haven't given Blood Blockade Battlefront a proper chance yet, but I'm think I'll like it once I spend more time on it ^-^ I'd love to talk about it later though! Closed-eye characters sure do make me uncomfortable... I recognized Shinpachi, but I think I missed Hijikata's voice actor; thanks for the info! :) Idk if you read my bio, but my favorite Gintama character is Sougo, hbu?

Ps: Is Detective Conan worth watching? It sounds promising, but it's quite the time investment x)

Jul 4, 2015
UsagiDandere says...

Thanks for the follow! You seem cool enough to earn a follow back, especially since you're a Gintama fan. Have a nice day! ^_^

Jul 4, 2015
FayeCki says...

Comedy with action or romance. I really enjoy a good romance anime 

Apr 29, 2015