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Garzey's Wing

Apr 13, 2012

This review is very stupid and it won't teach you anything about this show. That's why it's so unique xD The review is of course based on english dub version.

Story: Yeah, so we have this Chris boy thing, that stuck between heaven and hell. He's now holy warrior and bla-bla-bla shut the fuck up ! I'm gonna now spoil you the ending: To be continued without resolving any fucking thing !

Animation: Yes, it's in this show. That's all i wanted to write here

Sound: Yeah, the only thing that it's done good in this show.

Characters: Stupid, like headless zombies. Didn't do anything important. Bots are better than them. It's sad but true.

Overall: Why so high ? Because, of one thing. The english dub is hilarious. I mean that in bad way. It's so miserably done, that it transforms this show into some comedy/parody genre. The names of characters are so fucked up, that no one will remember them except "Lord Chris". Every character yells and it's just giving me laugh all the time, when i hear it.  I'm certainly gonna remember for the rest of my life those elders riding in a carriage yelling at each other, even if there sitting next to each other. I'm gonna write this again: If someone gonna do abridged series for this show, he don't need to work. This is abridged version itself. This anime is so awfully done, but this dub, just makes it worse. Then this show is enjoyable to watch. Just imagine you watching some parody genre and you also give this thing 3 stars. Also, there was one moment when one of evil guys was riding a dragon and poured food, that dragon wanted to catch.

He said something like this: Your food is moving to the west.

My reaction: Yes, because you fucking do it. You pouring this food to the west side. If i do things, that's what happens xD. Just what the fuck is wrong with this show ? And why he speaks to creature, that doesn't understand him ? WTF ?

Besides those errors, this show is funny to watch, so yeah i recommend it to anyone, who wants to laugh. They need to add tags: Comedy, parody, mindfuck xD

3/10 story
5/10 animation
8/10 sound
2/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Marceus May 28, 2012

This definitely looks like one of those it's so bad it's good series. I totally need to check it out... I love hilariously bad anime.

Rikyu Apr 14, 2012

I love it :D (and I already told you why^^) (≧ω≦)