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This review is based on english dub version

Story: Well, it's in this show right ? RIGHT ? If there was something like that in this show, i would write it anyway.

Animation: It's kinda good. But what comes from good animation, where other things are fucked up ?

Sound: The voice acting is terrible. My friend that can't talk, could do it better.

Characters: And now we are finally here. The characters are rip-off from original Beyblade. They try to act like them, but they don't get it. There is no one (except Ryuuga) who is interesting in this show. The conversation are so miserably done, that even my dog Sammy The Brave could say something more...clever. They talk like they want to, but they can't. It looks pathetic. Also, when they try to joke or something like that. It ain't funny. It's just sad :( But there are many funny things in this show. The conversation are so lame, that everyone can laugh, just listening to them. 

Overall: It's a dishonor for original Beyblade. I don't blame people for rating it that low. If someone's gonna do abridged series for this, he doesn't need to work. This is abridged version itself. Why this review looks like i'm some bad puppy killer ? Because, this show is so weak. There are 51 episodes, which doesn't contain anything, that could interest even my fishes in aquarium. Now i'm watching Beyblade: metal masters and it looks kinda better than this shit. Don't waste your time. It's better too watch original Beyblade instead.

Dare ga taskete xD

2/10 story
6/10 animation
4/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Rikyu Apr 14, 2012

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ nice review! :DDD

chikoritaBH Apr 8, 2012

Lol... You are so strict... :O I think your rating should be higher. Yeah, you are right that the characters are copies of Tyson and the rest. But I think MFB series are better than the original beyblade. They have a story! But the original beyblade is only fighting, fighting and fighting.