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  • Some facts and interesting things about ATTH: Battle Between The Fallens and Chuck

Some facts and interesting things about ATTH: Battle Between The Fallens and Chuck


So, here you can read many facts about book called ATTH: Battle Between The Fallens and Chuck. All of things written here are truth and they really happened. If you have some questions just ask in the comments. I think i can answer :P

Some facts and interesting things about ATTH: Battle Between The Fallens and Chuck:
The idea to write this book came after saying words by ChikoritaBH: "Our chats are fucking masterpieces"
The first name of this book was: 123 Facts about humans: A Tribute to Hentais and disfuction of brain
The first bodyguard of ChikoritaBH was Shitashima not Hitman, but he was cut from the book (who want a bodyguard, that is a hamster ? XD)
Chiki was supposed to be a demon, but I wanted to give this book a realistic character, so he became a fallen angel (this is stupid isn't it ?)
The first plot of ATTH was, that Dario97 stoll a game Satan's Wizard, that belong to Chuck Norris. Then Chuck would get revenge at Dario, killing Chiki, but this idea was been deleted, because Chuck Norris, doesn't have a Playstation: Satan's Edition (but Chiki does xD)
The second plot of ATTH was, that ChikoritaBH did a photo of Chuck, when he was only 0 years old, and then Chiki made a big company, that was producing a t-shirt's with this photo on it. That idea was also denied, because Chuck could sue as, because of illegally manipulating of his photos xDD
"Anti-gravity Mindfuck jutsu" was deleted from the plot, because of lack of use. After all Chiki can do those "things" without gravitation xDDD
There is a rumor, that Dario97 writes a chapter of ATTH, when he's on drugs. This information is fake.
"Cashtrasher jutsu" was also deleted from first chapter, because i didn't saw any use for this kind of power.
Someone (i think it was Chuck) spread a rumor, that Zaraki Kenpachi will not appear in this book. It's a lie. Kenpachi will be very important character.
ChikoritaBH is a reincarnation of Jiraiya-sensei, Lolicon-sama and Angry Butter. That's real information xDD
Some person said to me, that Sasuke cannot be killed. I prove her wrong, by killing Sasuke in my book. And how do you feel now mwahahah ? XDDD
Rikyu told me, that in Chapter 0, there is an error, because i wrote "It was rainy and cloudy day. The sky was blue as always". Explanation for this is simple. Behind clouds there was blue sky :P
ChikoritaBH is also Konichi-san. That person will also appear in my book.
It's not a secret, that last chapter of ATTH book will be called "The End". Are you mad ? :>
Dario97 inspiration is a famous writer Richard Castle, that even don't exist in real world.
The word "Muffin" has been really censored. Now characters say "Fuck" or "Shit" XDDDD
Povilas is a name in Lithuania language. It means Pavel *___*
This book will change history of Anime-planet. And after releasing this book third WW will come xDD
I'm not gonna explain what it's a "Daimaou diseaser", so don't use this words. They're censored by Konami and Funimation xDD
ChikoritaBH is not a prince. For further informations, please contact a doctor.
If this book will become famous i will be directing a movie about Chiki. It will be called: "16 abandoned wives and he's wanna be married again ! - A Tribute To 60 years old Chikko guy". I think it's gonna be more interesting than Transformers 3 (well, any movie can be more interesting than this xDDD), there will be more action, than in soap operas, more comedy than Gintama, and more drama than Death Note. Borat would say, that it's gonna be "a great success" XDD
Dario97 doesn't want to look like Tsunade-sama :P
I confirm, that Chiki is NOT working on a new type of tentacles.
The deleted ending of this book said, that Dario would kill Chiki and rape his daughter on his grave. This idea was rejected :P
I wanted to have Jesus in my book, but Chiki doesn't want to have in ATTH any fictional characters xDDDD
I've been informed, that drinking vodka, while reading my book is prohibited. Seriously WTF ? XDD
Nyannyan neko force won't appear in my book. They're under AnimeBrainStorm commands.
Singapure is great town, i've also been told X___X
Cola Fish Tank will not take a part in my new Drinking event.
Baby Beel is not a fictional character. It's my nephew >____<
The other ending was, that Chuck could be killed by an ball from the Ice hockey world championship. This idea was stupid, that even i couldn't approved it xDD
This book will be not licenced by Sleeping Dead Productions. It will be licenced only by Birthday Cake Demise Corp.

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youkais avatar youkais
Nov 21, 2012

Muffins! D:

blazehack avatar blazehack
Sep 30, 2012

Anti-gravity Mindfuck jutsu !?! R0FL nani sore!

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